Broncos Defensive Back Chris Harris Jr. Wants The Kansas City Chiefs To Come Calling

While Denver Broncos fans were no doubt happy about a trade that netted them one of the more talented defensive backs in the NFL on Tuesday, the Kansas City Chiefs might benefit as well. That's because defensive back Chris Harris Jr. could find himself being allowed to test the free-agent waters come later this month. Should the Broncos indeed part ways with the talented corner, Harris would like to have a conversation with the Chiefs.

Denver, which is looking to make a big move this offseason in the talent department is off to a nice start. The team traded with the Jacksonville Jaguars for defensive back A.J. Bouye. That trade, as Mile High Huddle pointed out, likely leaves Harris expendable. It's not clear if the four-time Pro Bowl player realized exactly what the trade meant for his own prospects right away.

Shortly after the trade was announced, Harris took to Twitter to congratulate Bouye. It might be newsworthy that he didn't welcome him to the team but simply wished him well. About an hour later, Harris came back to Twitter after Chiefs defensive back Tyrann Mathieu sent him a missive. He tweeted back to the man better known as the Honey Badger that Mathieu should have his people call Harris' people. In this case, it was rather obvious those people were the Chiefs' front office.

Chris Haris Jr. prepares for a Broncos game
Getty Images | Dustin Bradford

There have been numerous rumors surrounding the Broncos that they will be working hard in order to improve the roster quickly. The Inquisitr earlier reported that it might even mean trading up to get the number one pick in the NFL draft. Despite those efforts, it appears the team is content to move on from the talented, but aging Chris Harris Jr.

Harris has played his entire career so far with Denver. He was signed by the Broncos after coming out of Kansas as an undrafted free agent. In his rookie year, he played in all 16 games and started four, but it didn't take him long before he was a regular starter. From 2014 to 2016, he played well enough that he made the Pro Bowl and returned one more time in 2018. His numbers dropped a bit in 2019, despite starting all 16 games. That production drop might be enough for the Broncos to decide they can live without him.

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs are coming off a Super Bowl victory and Tyrann Mathieu wants another one. Often credited as the heart and soul of KC's defense he's doing his part to recruit some of the NFL's best and Chris Harris Jr. isn't against a call.