Mother & Son, Felisa And Alec Blazek, Accused Of Holding His Girlfriend Captive For Five Days

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Windham, New Hampshire residents, Felisa and Alec Blazek, have been accused of kidnapping Alec’s girlfriend and holding her captive for five days, reports People Magazine.

According to the article, the mother and son held the woman captive from February 10 to February 15 before the 25-year-old victim eventually managed to escape. Police did not release the victim’s name.

Windham Police Captain, Mike Carson, told People that Alec allegedly physically assaulted the woman while she was in their captivity. The mother and son currently live together. They held the victim captive inside of their own home.

At one point, Felisa and Alec were driving with their hostage in the car. She jumped out of the vehicle and ran to get help.

“She managed to jump out of the car at an intersection. She tried to evade them and luckily a motorist saw her and brought her to the Salem P.D.,” said Carson.

Alec turned himself in on February 26 after the police issued a warrant for his arrest.

Per the People Magazine article, he was “charged with five counts of domestic violence simple assault, one count of domestic violence strangulation and one count of kidnapping.”

His mother, Felisa, was also arrested on February 26. She was only charged with kidnapping.

Neither member of the Blazek family has entered a plea. Their court date is set for March 12 at the Rockingham Superior Court.

At this time, it doesn’t appear that either of the defendants has talked to the police and it is not clear if they have retained attorneys yet. No other details are present about what the victim endured while being held in captivity nor is a motive given for why the Blazeks forcefully confined her to their home.

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This is not the first time that Alec has been charged with violence against a woman. According to The Eagle Tribune, Alec was first charged with assault when he was only 15 years old. Since then, four women in total have sought legal protection from him. Each time that he has been charged, Alec accepted a plea deal and has managed to avoid serving any jail time.

The Eagle Tribune article writes that Alec has a total of 24 petitions against him, consisting of a variety of domestic violence and various other criminal charges.

Last fall, The Inquisitr reported another chilling crime committed in New Hampshire when a group of high school football players was suspended for beating a duck to death with a broomstick.