'The Bachelor' Spoilers: One Of Peter Weber's Final Ladies Seen Getting Cozy With Someone Else Ahead Of Finale

The two-night finale of Peter Weber's run as The Bachelor airs next week and spoilers continue to be spotty regarding how things end. Viewers now know that Peter has narrowed it down to Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett, but not even spoiler king Reality Steve knows for certain what comes next. However, one of these two ladies was recently spotted looking quite friendly with a guy and some think that eliminates her as Peter's pick.

Reality Steve recently said that while he is missing plenty of details and confirmation about how this season ends, he thinks that Peter ends up ultimately with Madi. That may be the case, but spoiler fans have no doubt that there are a number of unusual things that happen between the beginning of the finale episode and where things stand at this point.

For example, some The Bachelor fans think that Peter may pick Hannah Ann at the final rose ceremony but then split with her shortly after filming ended. Some viewers have been convinced that Peter and Hannah Ann end up together, and some even wonder if perhaps both Madi and Hannah Ann walk away rather than accept his final rose.

Apparently, Hannah Ann was spotted out a few days ago hanging out in her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee, and what folks saw would seem to solidify the idea that she's not currently with Peter.

As Reality Steve explains, Hannah Ann was spotted hanging out with Josh Dobbs last Saturday. Josh used to play quarterback during college in Tennessee and is currently in the NFL.

Apparently, Hannah Ann and Josh were at a basketball game together and were later spotted taking in the nightlife around Knoxville. Reality Steve says that he heard from numerous people who saw Josh and Hannah Ann together Saturday night and they were supposedly quite cozy with one another.

Reality Steve did share a few photos he was sent showing Hannah Ann and Josh together. They definitely look flirtatious, but the spoiler king does note that nobody sent him any pictures that showed them doing anything more than acting quite friendly and cozy with one another.

Granted, as Reality Steve points out, it's fairly hard to believe that Hannah Ann would be making out with a guy in public a week before The Bachelor finale airs. Not only making out at a bar with someone, but with someone who is a popular Knoxville personality himself.

On the other hand, the photos that have popped up of Hannah Ann and Josh together do show them looking quite friendly with one another. If Hannah Ann were to end up with Peter and still be with him now, it seems unlikely she'd be snuggling up to someone else like this.

According to Barstool Sports, Josh and Hannah Ann were spotted at several different places Saturday night. People started buzzing across social media about the two seemingly being on a date, but others suggest it was just two friends hanging out. Even if they were just friends spending time together, the body language between them certainly did look like it'd make it hard to believe she's currently involved with Peter.

Just how does Peter's season of The Bachelor end? Is Hannah Ann single and free to mingle or was she just trying to throw fans off with this friendly weekend outing? One way or another, answers will be revealed during the upcoming two-night finale and fans are definitely curious to hear updates.