‘Pushing Daisies’ Movie Could Happen, Kickstarter Planned

Pushing Daisies Movie May Be Coming Via Kickstarter

Pushing Daisies movie plans were the topic of conversation between series creator Bryan Fuller and Film School Rejects on Tuesday, and according to Fuller, it could happen.

The show would need “between $10-$15 million” to become a reality, Fuller stated, but with the recent success of Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell with their Veronica MarsKickstarter campaign, Fuller is seriously considering the possibilities.

Fuller commended Thomas and Bell, adding, “I have so many questions.”

“I would love to revisit both Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies, because they were very positive creative experiences for me,” Fuller said. “I had actually started writing a Pushing Daisies film, and I had the first act of it.”

Fuller called Pushing Daisies his “pallet cleanser” after working on “really, really dark material,” referring to the upcoming Hannibal Lecter series Hannibal.

Fuller’s series ran for two seasons and starred Lee Pace as Ned, a man whose touch can bring the dead back to life temporarily. He uses his skill to solve crimes and collect reward money until he runs into childhood sweetheart Chuck (Anna Friel).

She’s lying on a slab, and he can’t have that, so he brings her back to life and then refuses to put her back down. The one caveat: if he ever touches her again, she’ll be gone for good.

A hands-off romance ensues.

Explaining the “$10-$15 million” price tag on Tuesday, Fuller said, “We have to build the pie hole, visual effects, have zombie makeup, and there’s a lot more production elements involved [than with Veronica Mars]. We made the one-hour pilot for $6 million. Every [other] episode was about $3 million to make for the series.”

Thus far, Veronica Mars has raised more than $4 million on Kickstarter with 16 days to go as of this writing. (Thomas only sought $2 million.)

Fuller said he approached Barry Sonnenfeld about directing the film version of Pushing Daisies, to which the Men in Black director suggested they go to a studio with the idea.

Fuller laughed at the thought. “Yeah, let’s do this one step at a time.”

“I mean, with Veronica Mars they laid out their plan, had all their ducks in a row, and knew what they were doing by the time they hit Kickstarter. I have a lot of catchup to do to see what is possible for Pushing Daisies, what the studio involvement would be, and what the studio’s appetite would be,” Fuller said.

One thing is for sure: now is the best time to do it.

Who knows where Veronica Mars funding will end up? And with other series like the spy show Chuck and Friday Night Lights (per ScreenRant) seriously considering the move, it may not be long before the market becomes saturated with dead TV projects looking for new life from crowd-funding.

Do you believe crowd-funding forgotten projects is here to stay or just a fad, and would you pay to see a Pushing Daisies movie?