Sophie Turner Opens Up About Being A 'J Sister' And How She Thought She Wouldn't Like Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner opened up about how it feels to be a "J Sister" — the wife of a Jonas Brother — and life after Game of Thrones in a new interview with Elle.

In the interview, Sophie discussed what she's been doing with her life since wrapping Game of Thrones. While her rumored pregnancy wasn't addressed by the star, she did talk about married life with Joe Jonas and how she thought she wouldn't like him when she first met him.

"I expected him to show up with security and everything. I thought, 'He's gonna be such a dick,'" Sophie said of Joe.

The two met in 2016 at the assumed insistence of Joe's friends. Sophie recalled working on a film that year and one of the producers, who had been a neighbor of Joe's, told her he thought she and Joe would get along. She also soon met up with Joe's agent at an industry meeting, who said that she reminded him of one of his clients.

"'I bet you two would really hit it off,'" Sophie recalled the agent as saying.

Fast forward to later in the year, and Joe was touring the U.K. with his now defunct band, DNCE. The actress recalled how the pop star DMed her and asked if she wanted to hang out while he was in London. She said she told her friends, who insisted she do it and "text us everything he says."

So she took her friends' advice and met up with Joe at a dive bar in the Camden area of London, where she was living at the time. Sophie said she "brought all my guy friends" to meet up with Joe, because she was worried it wouldn't actually be him that she agreed to meet.

"I had my rugby boys. I was safe," she said.

Sophie continued, describing how surprised she was that Joe didn't bring security with him. He came only with "a friend" and they drank and hung out for hours. According to the star, she sat with the Jonas brother in a corner and talked. Afterward, she described the two as inseparable, and she ended up going on tour with him. A year later, the two were engaged and then married twice in 2019.

Discussing married life, the Game of Thrones actress mentioned not much changed between them, except for a sense of security she now had. She said while she expected there to be ups and downs in their relationship, as of now, the couple are enjoying being married and the safety that affords them.

She also mentioned how much she loves having "built-in girlfriends." Sophie described Priyanka Chopra Jonas — who is married to Nick Jonas — as "the nicest person." The actress recalled going to India for Priyanka and Nick's wedding and how they were treated "like royalty" because of Priyanka's fame. But, Sophie went on, the Bollywood star never acts stuck up or pretentious, which was wonderful for forming a friendship.

She described Danielle Jonas, Kevin Jonas' wife, as the same. Sophie also spoke about how nice it was to have two other women to discuss the Jonas brothers' hectic lives with. She said it was wonderful to have people around who understand what the others are going through. She concluded by saying the "J Sisters" are best friends because "the boys are best friends."