Australian Beauty Rosanna Arkle Shows Off Her Perfect Derriere In A Thong

Popular model Rosanna Arkle seems to enjoy taking her 5.1 million Instagram followers along with her on her adventures to exotic locations. Her most recent update showed her flaunting her bare bottom in a thong while posing next to a waterfall.

Rosanna did not say where the photo was taken, but it looked like a gorgeous location to simply take in the view. While the scenery was lovely, the beauty offered her own view that involved lots of skin.

The photo captured Rosanna from behind as she posed on a rock in front of a pool of blue water. Several yards in front of her a stream of water cascaded over the front a large rock outcropping.

Rosanna wore white thong bikini bottoms with a white crop top. While she might have been in a slightly uncomfortable position, she looked fantastic as she sat on the side with her hip on the rock. She leaned on one elbow while she ran her other hand through her hair. With closed eyes and a sultry expression on her face, she tilted her head back, giving her fans a view of her profile.

The image captured her body from the top of Rosanna's thighs up, making her booty the focal point in the snap. Her bronze skin was wet, adding a sexy vibe to the photo. Her torso was twisted slightly, showing off her bustline and her slender waist. The ends of her long hair fell down onto the rock.

In the caption, Rosanna said it was going to be a good week. Many of her fans seemed to be in agreement that her post made their day better.

"I swear you have the best pictures girlie," one admirer told her.

"This is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen! Mmmm looking real good darling!" gushed a second follower.

"Almost didn't see the waterfall," joked a third Instagram user.

"No one shines brighter than you," a fourth fan commented.

Over the past few months, Rosanna spent time in New Zealand and shared several pictures that showed her exploring tropical locales. One photo saw her trailblazing in a sexy bathing suit that was fashioned to resemble a pair of overalls.

The stunner doesn't have to be anywhere special to give her admirers something to get excited about, though. A few weeks ago, she looked smoking hot in a snapshot of her wearing a revealing teddy for Valentine's Day.