Tracee Ellis Ross Showcases Toned Physique In Sweaty Workout Video

Actress Tracee Ellis Ross, who is the daughter of legendary singer Diana Ross, showed off the hard work that goes into sculpting her toned physique in her latest Instagram update.

In the video post, which didn't include a geotag that specified her location, Tracee was in a workout studio. She tagged trainer Tracy Anderson in the caption of the upload, suggesting that she may have been in one of the trainer's studios.

Tracee rocked a pair of high-waisted black leggings that clung to her curvaceous legs, some black sneakers, and a white sleeveless top that was cropped to show off a bit of her toned stomach. Tracee's hair was pulled up in a bun, and she had ankle weights on to add a bit of an extra challenge to the moves she was doing.

While Tracee often shares videos at the studio where she's the only person working out, in her latest clip, several women were visible in the mirror behind her, going through some exercises. Tracee was set up towards one side of the studio with a few pieces of equipment. This included a large block, as well as two bands that helped with her balance and added a bit of resistance to the moves she performed.

Tracee did several exercises, including one where she kicked her leg behind her. In the caption of the post, Tracee referenced the heat in the room. The floor underneath her was dotted with sweat droplets, and the actress seemed to be working hard to sculpt her physique.

Tracee's Instagram followers couldn't get enough of the video, and the post received over 319,700 views within just 14 hours. Many of her fans took to the comments section to share their thoughts on her body and her routine, and the upload racked up 677 comments in the same time span.

"Real sweat ladies n gents! Ms. Ross don't play!" one person commented.

Another follower appreciated Tracee's honesty and real posts, saying, "I love that she always shares what really goes into living a healthy life. It takes WORK!"

"Looks hard! Get it girl!" another admirer added.

"Always putting in that work," one fan commented.

Tracee's latest Instagram post isn't the first that she has shared from her workout studio. Just last month, as The Inquisitr reported, Tracee uploaded a video in which she was going through a workout with a friend. She incorporated the same large black block topped with a towel and resistance bands, toning her body while her friend helped her out.