Russian Bombshell Dasha Mart Shows Off Sexy Curves & Long Legs In Skimpy Bikini

Russian model Dasha Mart gave her 1.8 million Instagram followers something to get excited about with her latest post. The update included not one, but five photos that saw her showcasing her curves and her incredibly long legs in a bikini while spending some time on the beach.

The update was tagged at Key Biscayne in Florida. Dasha stood barefoot among towering palm trees with the ocean just a few feet behind her.

The beauty's two-piece swimsuit was white and complemented her skin tone. The top was low-cut, revealing plenty of her cleavage. It also featured chain shoulder straps and a metal buckle between the cups, drawing the eye to her breasts. The bottoms were a classic bikini style with chain side straps that called attention to her hips. She paired the bathing suit with a silky, long-sleeved unbuttoned blouse.

Dasha posed against a tall palm tree for the shots. Two of the images captured her from the front. One showcased her entire body as she rested an elbow against the tree with one hip cocked to the side. The pose showed off the curve of her waist down to the contour of her hips and her long shapely legs. Another front-facing picture was a close-up of Dasha looking sensational in the swimsuit.

One snap showed Dasha from a side angle as she faced the tree. She leaned against it with one knee bent, putting all of the focus on the curve of her derrière, the side of her hip and her toned legs. She placed one hand on the tree as she gave the camera a sultry look.

Another picture captured the model from the side as she leaned her back against the tree while playfully tugging on the side of her bikini bottoms. With her back arched and one knee bent, she flaunted her flat abs and voluptuous chest. She closed her eyes as the wind blew the blouse open.

Yet one more photo saw Dasha leaning against the tree while looking at the camera with a smile on her face. She held each side of the blouse as if she were about to tie them into a knot.

Many of the comments to the model's post were written in Russian. However, judging from the amount of flame and heart-eye emoji, it seemed that most of her followers loved the post.

Dasha seems to enjoy showcasing her curves on social media. Last month, she looked fabulous in a snap in which she wore a revealing dress.