'The Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison Says Even Peter Weber Doesn't Know How His Own Season Ends

Peter Weber does not know how his own season of The Bachelor will end. The ABC reality star confirmed the rumors, as did the show's host, Chris Harrison, as the Women Tell All special aired on Monday night.

On WTA, Harrison teased The Bachelor finale by saying, "It is a finale so unexpected, so unprecedented, there is not a single person who knows how Peter's journey will end. Not even Peter."

Harrison's girlfriend, Entertainment Tonight reporter Lauren Zima, later grilled Peter about the ending to his season. The airline pilot admitted things are still up in the air with his final women, Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett.

Pilot Pete said "there's definitely a chance" he doesn't know who will accept his final rose.

"Things are... they continue to unfold until the very last second," The Bachelor star said. "And I don't know when that last second occurred."

On Instagram, Zima repeated her boyfriend's statement about the mystery ending to Peter's season, prompting fans to speculate about what they think happens.

"I think both girls actually end up leaving before the final rose," one fan wrote.

"As dramatic as they are making this sound, why do I feel like someone could be pregnant?" another added.

"Perhaps because he wants to propose and doesn't know the answer of the woman he's chosen yet?" a third fan asked.

Others are still hoping that still-single Bachelorette star Hannah Brown will show up in Australia to claim her man.

Indeed, the theories have been wild this season, with some fans even thinking Peter ends up with Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca, a scenario ABC's leading man seemingly disregarded in the ET interview.

One thing is for sure: Peter's Bachelor finale will be a two-night extravaganza and it will be live, so anything can happen.

Some fans think Peter doesn't know how his season of The Bachelor will end because he's planning to propose to Madison on the live After the Final Rose and doesn't know if she will accept his proposal. Madison previously gave Peter an ultimatum after he was intimate with other women during fantasy suite week, and she still seemed salty about it when she returned for the penultimate rose ceremony.

All Peter will say is that his final week of filming in Australia was one of the "toughest" weeks of his life, and he promised that Bachelor fans will soon see what that means when they tune in to the two-night finale.

It has been more than a decade since a Bachelor star didn't know how exactly his season would end. In 2009, Jason Mesnick broke up with his final pick, Melissa Rycroft, on the After the Final Rose special and then asked his runner-up, Molly Malaney, to give their relationship another shot. Mesnick and Malaney are now married and have a daughter together.