'TMZ' Slammed For Sharing Photos Of A Devastated Tyler Cameron Following The Loss Of His Mother

TMZ recently shared photos of Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron looking devastated following the sudden loss of his mother last week. The photos were released in an article on Sunday, one which was also shared on their Facebook page. Many of the social media platform's users thought it wasn't appropriate to release the photos of Cameron in such an emotional state and commented on the post to express their concerns.

On February 27, Cameron tweeted that he would have to cancel his usual morning run through Central Park in New York City, saying he was dealing with a family emergency. Shortly after, the news broke that his mother, Andrea Cameron, had passed away. The photos shared by TMZ show Tyler surrounded by family at a restaurant called Brass Ring Pub in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. He appears deeply upset, his head in his hands.

Facebook users really laid into the publication.

"That's so horrible TMZ is so Awful... you're taking a picture of poor Tyler C as he's grieving and distraught about the loss of his mother... show some compassion," one Facebook user commented on the story.

"Wouldn't you look distraught after a family member passing? And shame on whoever took this picture at such a heartbreaking time in his life," said another.

"No class TMZ! As someone who also lost their mother unexpectedly, this just breaks my heart. How dare you use his grief to make a headline," another commenter fumed. "Sending prayers to Tyler and his family."

TMZ has not yet taken down the article or the photos in wake of the backlash they have received. Cameron has also not yet spoken out about his mother's sudden death or provided any information on how she died.

Cameron and his mother were quite close, as he discussed when he appeared on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette and she had the chance to meet his family. Their tight bond was also evident through his posts on social media. In November, he shared an Instagram photo of him and his mom posing after he ran a race for UNICEF in New York City. In the sweet photos, Cameron can be seen embracing his proud mother while wearing a medal around his neck and smiling proudly.

"So grateful for all of the support that I got from my family, friends, and BN," he wrote in the caption.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Cameron is currently taking a break from reality television to take on a different endeavor -- a new show called Barkitecture.