NFL Rumors: Two Teams Drop Out Of The Race To Land Tom Brady

Tom Brady on the sidelines during an NFL game.
Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

The race to land Tom Brady is narrowing.

After some initial reports from this past offseason — which indicated that as many as a dozen teams were interested in the soon-to-be-free agent — a new report is claiming that two of the teams initially pegged to be in the running are now backing away. As Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated reported, the New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts have both made it clear that they will not be going after Brady.

“You can cross them off the list,” wrote Breer. “I was told pretty emphatically that neither will be in the mix if Brady does make it to free agency.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the Giants were initially listed as one of the team’s interested in signing Brady — although it seemed to be a longshot. Following Eli Manning’s retirement, the team has decided to move forward with Daniel Jones as their starter. As it stands, paying top money to land Brady for a few seasons does not seem to fit in with the Giants’ plans.

The Colts appeared to be a better potential fit, with reports indicating that the team was unsure if Jacoby Brissett would still be their starting quarterback in the future.

According to Breer, the star quarterback is expected to make a decision fairly quickly once he hits free agency for the first time in his career. He noted that Brady is not expected to take a long and drawn-out free agency tour.

“The idea of a tour sounds nice. But those almost never happen with top-tier free agents in the NFL,” wrote Breer. “The market moves too fast, which means no one, not the teams and not the players, has the time to let one play out.”

There are still many insiders who believe that Brady will remain with the Patriots.

As Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston reported, Brady still feels a close connection to the Patriots. He is supposedly prepared to listen to the team’s pitch to keep him there for the remainder of his career. A big part of the negotiations will reportedly include showing Brady how much control he has with the franchise, including how much has been put into place to accommodate his wishes.

“Wherever he goes, there won’t be one guy who knows what he wants done and how he wants it done,” wrote Curran, citing an NFL source. “Is he going to coach the receivers coach on how to coach the receivers? Or coach the offensive coordinator? There’s a million things.”