'The Bachelor: Women Tell All' Spoilers: Two Ladies Hit The 'Hot Seat' And Emotions Will Run High

The end is near for Peter Weber's run as The Bachelor. Spoilers indicate that Monday night's episode will contain plenty of drama and blogger Reality Steve dished out all the goods regarding what's ahead.

The last that viewers saw, Peter and Madison Prewett had ended their overnight date early. She was upset that he had been intimate with one or both of the other ladies during his overnights with them and she wasn't sure if she could continue with filming.

The Bachelor spoilers for Monday night's show indicate that the episode will begin with more from those difficult moments in Australia. According to a lengthy thread on Twitter from Reality Steve, the Women Tell All segments will begin after viewers see Peter eliminate one of his final three at the next rose ceremony in Australia.

Reality Steve's spoilers share that 17 of Peter's women from this season of The Bachelor will be brought to the stage, including Victoria Fuller and Kelsey Weier. However, Madi and Hannah Ann Sluss were not there.

Apparently, only two women will end up getting time in the "hot seat" on stage next to Chris Harrison. First will be Victoria, who is confronted about quite a bit of the drama that followed her throughout this season of The Bachelor. Spoilers note that she will apologize to Peter for how she acted during filming.

In addition, Reality Steve's spoilers share that Victoria will be asked about the rumors regarding her personal life that caused some chaos on the show. Apparently, she'll deny allegations that she'd been involved in any questionable romantic relationships.

Kelsey will also spend some time chatting with Chris. The Bachelor spoilers indicate that she will get emotional and at one point, Ashley Iaconetti will bring up an enormous bottle of champagne for her.

There will be plenty of cattiness among the various cliques of women from Peter's season, as is to be expected with the Women Tell All. Viewers will also see former The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay appear and talk about how intense many of the fan messages were toward some of the contestants.

As usual, the episode will end with a preview for Peter's finale. The Bachelor spoilers tease that it will show some fairly good glimpses into what everybody can expect during the first part of the season finale.

There are plenty of theories floating around regarding how Peter's season ends, but definitive The Bachelor spoilers remain elusive. The Women Tell All sounds like it'll be fairly typical in nature and should set fans up for an intense finale next week.