Fitness Model Ashleigh Jordan Trains Her Triceps In Tummy-Revealing Top

Fitness model Ashleigh Jordan enjoys showing her fans short circuit workouts on Instagram -- exercises that they can do at home or at the gym -- to improve their fitness. Each movement targets a different area of the body, allowing her followers to incorporate a full-body workout into their routine. On Monday, the fitness trainer took to the photo-sharing site to post her latest workout, one targeting the "under-arm" tricep muscles.

During the clips, Ashleigh wears a white sports bra beneath a cropped light gray sweatshirt. Leaving her toned tummy on display, she completes the outfit with high-waisted, dark gray sweatpants that hug her sculpted curves. She wears her straight blond tresses pulled back into a ponytail -- allowing a few loose strands to frame her face -- and adds a layer of thick black mascara and pink, glossy lips. The fitness model further accessorizes with a pair of hoop earrings.

The Instagram sensation's workout circuit consists of four different exercises, each featured in its own video clip. In the first clip, the model performs an exercise known as skull crushers, which require her to lie back on an exercise bench. Starting at her head, she pushes a dumbbell up until her arms are completely straight. She then repeats the move.

The second video demonstrates the diagonal pull down move, which involves a pulley machine. Ashleigh stands with her side facing the machine and uses one hand to pull the pulley across her body, downward.

The third exercise is the standing overhead extension. Standing with a dumbbell held above her head, Ashleigh slowly lowers it behind her head.

Finally, the fitness trainer demonstrates the reverse grip pull down, using the pulley machine to do so. Standing in front of the machine, Ashleigh brings the pulley down and toward her body with both hands.

In the caption of the post, Ashleigh details how many sets and reps her followers should perform. She tells them that her triceps have been a weaker muscle for her, and that she's determined to get them stronger.

The model's 3.1 million followers left nearly 40,000 likes and over 200 comments on her latest post in a matter of hours after having been shared. Many of her fans told her that they loved the video and plan to try out the exercises.

"Beast mode! Killer routine beautiful," one Instagram user wrote.

"Thank you so much i have been trying them out especially for arms," another follower commented.