Men Are Literally Sawing Through Their Leg Bones To Get Taller In New Medical Procedure

Medical professional performing a surgical procedure using a monitor.
Daniel Leal-Olivas / Getty Images

A medical procedure is gaining popularity with men who wish to be taller — even though it means sawing through bone. Officially called distraction osteogenesis, but more commonly known as leg extension surgery, the operation involves cutting through a patient’s femur or tibia bones.

Doctors then keep the bones separated with metal implants so that the bones will form new cells and grow back several inches apart, adding height in the process, per Futurism.

Dr. Kevin Debiparshad of the LimbplastX Institute in Las Vegas claimed that he has performed over 30 procedures in the past year. Though the operation had previously been restricted to those with physical deformities, the cosmetic industry is now getting in on the action.

“The concept is not something that’s new, we knew we could do this for a long time,” Debiparshad said. “It’s just that now technology is catching up with what we knew we could do, so now we can push new applications.”

That said, while the procedure is becoming more widespread, it remains pricey with an average cost of over $100,000.

Many men have been open about how height can be an advantage in everything from romance to office life, and marketing materials for the LimbplastX Institute do not shy away from touting the benefits of being taller.

“It’s no secret that taller men have an advantage when it comes to dating,” stated a LimbplastX Institute press release. “In the age of digital matchmaking, the desire to appear taller has gained prominence, particularly for men with below-average height.”

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Dr. Debiparshad likened the surgery to being no different from a nose job or breast augmentation.

However, there is one way in which it is different, and that is in terms of safety. Many doctors have warned that there are serious risks involved with the procedure.

The dangers managed to make waves in the media this past September when a writer for Jezebel confessed that her brother had died following complications from the surgery.

Nevertheless, the operation appears to be growing in popularity, despite its potential complications.

It is not just adults who are anxious to find a way to add inches to their height. As was previously reported by The Inquisitr, doctors have voiced an alarming increase in parents seeking out hormones to help their children — specifically sons — grow taller.

The hormone at the root of the craze is the human growth hormone, also known as HGH. Administration of the hormone can help patients grow an additional 1.4 to 2.8 inches. However, few studies have tested its long-term safety, and multiple pediatricians have expressed their concern at the practice.