WWE News: Matt Hardy Reveals When He’ll Address His Future With Company

Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring

Matt Hardy fueled more speculation about his future this weekend when he posted a cryptic tweet that was written in Spanish. However, fans wondering what’s happening with the veteran WWE superstar will have a clearer idea at midnight, as he took to Twitter to announce that he’ll bring everyone up to speed on his current contract status on the next episode of his Thoughts from the Throne series, which airs on his YouTube channel.

As documented by WrestlingNews.co, Hardy’s deal is believed to expire at midnight, which will make him a free agent unless he’s decided to extend his stay with WWE, which is still a possibility. The veteran has recently been linked with a move to NXT, so perhaps he’ll stick around to help the black-and-gold brand.

However, it’s believed that Hardy could be on the verge of joining All Elite Wrestling. At last night’s media scrum following the company’s Revolution pay-per-view, Tony Khan could neither confirm nor deny if Hardy will join the upstart promotion, but he did praise the WWE superstar and give the impression that he wants to bring him into the fold.

Furthermore, there have been rumors that he will be unveiled as the leader of the company’s Dark Order faction, whose gimmick could complement one of Hardy’s stranger alter egos, such as “The Broken One.” On recent episodes of Dynamite, the group’s promos have referenced some of Hardy’s known catchphrases, including “obsolete.” Either the stable is teasing his imminent arrival or trying to pull a swerve on the fans.

Hardy has barely been used on WWE television over the last year, but he did enter a mini-feud with Randy Orton on Monday Night Raw. On the two occasions he appeared, he was viciously attacked by “The Viper,” suggesting that he was being written out of WWE storylines before he parts ways with the company.

Hardy has also been making social media videos which have revealed that he’s set to change his character. The “Free the Delete” vignettes point towards a return of the “Broken” persona that reinvented his career a few years ago, and that’s a gimmick that WWE wasn’t passionate about using. Of course, NXT offers more creative freedom to performers, and he might be allowed to get more creative there.

Fans don’t have long to wait for the speculation to end, however, assuming that Hardy does provide a transparent update on his plans for the future.