First Coronavirus Case Diagnosed In New York, Governor Reveals, Woman Recently Traveled To Outbreak-Hit Iran

After new cases were diagnosed in Washington and Rhode Island on Sunday, the state of New York announced its own first coronavirus case.

A health worker handles coronavirus tests.
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After new cases were diagnosed in Washington and Rhode Island on Sunday, the state of New York announced its own first coronavirus case.

On Sunday, a woman in her 30s became the first person in the state of New York to test positive for coronavirus, the state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced, according to a report by WPIX. Though he did not reveal the current location of the woman, Cuomo said that she had contracted the virus during a recent trip to Iran.

Cuomo said that the patient is now isolated in her home with respiratory symptoms, but she is not considered to be in serious condition from the illness.

Rhode Island also announced its first coronavirus case on Sunday, while Washington state reported two new cases.

Because the federal Centers for Disease Control have been criticized for the slowness of its response to the coronavirus outbreak, as The Inquisitr reported, New York had requested that the government allow the state to conduct its own testing for the newly discovered virus. Vice President Mike Pence, who has been named to lead the U.S. response to the viral outbreak, granted that request on Saturday, Cuomo said.

The positive test was confirmed by the state’s own Wadsworth Lab in Albany, New York, Cuomo said, rather than by the CDC in Atlanta.

“The general risk remains low in New York,” Cuomo said in his statement. “We are diligently managing this situation.”

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Stephanie Keith / Getty Images

The coronavirus continues to hit hardest in China, where the outbreak is believed to have originated. According to a CNN report, 42 new deaths from the virus were reported on Sunday alone, bringing the death total inside China to 2,912. With 129 deaths occurring in other counties, including one in the U.S., the global death toll in the outbreak officially stands at 3,041.

After China, Iran has the highest official death toll from coronavirus at 54, according to the CNN report. Other media sources have questioned the Iranian government’s official fatality count.

A BBC report put the total at 210 as of Saturday, and a leading political opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, also known as MEK, said that its sources put the Iranian death toll at more than 300.

At least seven top lawmakers and government officials in Iran have been confirmed as having contracted coronavirus. One of those lawmakers died on Saturday. The government denied that coronavirus was the cause of death, instead blaming the legislator’s passing on “influenza.”

Also on Sunday, Ecuador confirmed five new coronavirus cases, bringing the country’s total to six. In the Middle East, Egypt confirmed a second case of the disease, while Ontario, Canada, announced four new cases.

The Canadian province now has 15 confirmed coronavirus cases, according to the CNN report.