Brunette Bombshell Gabriella Abutbol Sizzles In A String Bikini As She Dances In The Shower

Gabriella also spent some time in a sauna, hot tub, and steam room during her busy spa day.

Gabriella Abutbol takes a mirror selfie.
Gabriella Abutbol / Instagram

Gabriella also spent some time in a sauna, hot tub, and steam room during her busy spa day.

Instagram sensation Gabriella Abutbol looked like she was having a blast as she treated herself to a spa day while rocking a tiny string bikini.

On Sunday, the brunette stunner took to Instagram to share a promotional video for Bang Energy’s Zero Impact protein bars with her 1.6 million followers. In the caption of her post, Gabriella revealed that the video showed what a day in her busy life looks like.

At the beginning of her video, the 25-year-old Californian model was wearing a tight blue-and-white striped jumpsuit as she cheerfully skipped into the locker room of a gym. After she opened the locker to retrieve her protein bar, the video cut to a shot of Gabriella standing on the edge of a small pool. She was wearing a white robe, which she dropped to reveal her bikini.

Gabriella’s string bikini featured a colorful palm print pattern. It included a pair of tiny thong bottoms that put her pert posterior on full display.

Another scene showed Gabriella’s scanty triangle bikini top from the front. She was sitting in a bubbling hot tub and eating her energy bar. The model was also wearing a pair of dark oversized sunglasses and a white towel wrapped over her hair.

After soaking for a bit, Gabriella moved outside to do a little sunbathing. Her green and pink bikini top was riding up to reveal a slight hint of underboob. The model had two thick cucumber slices over her eyes, and she was stretched out on a lounger as she soaked up some rays.

The eventful video included footage of Gabriella goofing off in a shower. She was filmed putting a shower cap on her head before removing her robe again and getting underneath the spraying water. She had a razor in one hand, and she was pretending it was a microphone as she sang and danced around. The model’s relaxing, but busy spa day continued with visits to the sauna and steam room.

Gabriella’s followers found her video highly entertaining. They took to the comments section to share their positive reviews of her playful and energetic performance, and many of them remarked on their favorite funny moments.

“I laughed out out when you tossed the robe and it missed the hook entirely,” wrote one fan.

“So good to see your personality come out on these videos!” another admirer remarked. “Most models are do bland and lame. Thank you!”

“Such a goof ball. Love the HUGE think sliced cucumbers. Nice touch,” read a third response to her post.

“You are hilarious,” a fourth commenter wrote.

Gabriella doesn’t have to film a long video to please her Instagram audience. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, her followers also had an enthusiastic response to a photo of the model posing in a tiny black bikini and a pair of unbuttoned cutoff shorts.