Pauline Tantot Goes Braless In White Crop Top On Instagram

Pauline Tantot takes a selfie.
Pauline Tantot / Instagram

Pauline Tantot has been showing off her booty in her past couple of Instagram updates, but she switched it up today with a shot of her going braless in a white crop top. She was photographed walking around outside in light rain and rocked an eye-catching outfit.

The stunning model‘s top had a crew neckline and short sleeves. It hugged her curves, leaving little to the imagination. Pauline also wore a pair of red pants with an abstract black design that was cinched with a matching belt. Her toned abs and tan were on display.

The blonde walked on a small sidewalk beside a white building and was caught mid-stroll with her right leg in front. She glanced down at the ground with her lips parted in a sultry manner. She brushed her locks to the side with her left hand, giving fans a good look at her monarch butterfly tattoo.

Her makeup application was hard to discern, although it looked like she wore mascara and pink lipstick. She accessorized with a thin gold necklace that she tucked under her top.

The cobblestone street was drenched with recent rain and her shirt was speckled with small droplets. There were tan buildings on the other side of the street and the sky was covered with clouds. It’s fairly rare for Pauline to share photos from a rainy day, with most of her updates being taken indoors or in sunny weather.

The geotag for this post revealed that she was in Paris, France.

Pauline’s adoring fans took to the comments section with their rave reviews. This included a shout-out from her identical twin sister, Mathilde.

“Pic by me,” she wrote, punctuating her message with the smiling face with halo and red heart emoji.

Others commented on the caption.

“God is crying bc he can’t believe what a beautiful creature he created,” wrote a second admirer.

“No but you [sic] like a lovely rainbow,” raved a third social media user.

“Paris is best when it’s raining,” noted a supporter.

The bombshell posts braless pics from time to time, including on February 7. That time, she opted for an unbuttoned white shirt that she brushed aside to leave her cleavage on show. Pauline also wore a pair of light lavender bikini bottoms with butterfly graphics on them. The photo was cropped from her chest down to her upper thighs, so her incredible figure was the main focus. Her tan and toned abs were hard to miss.