Bella Thorne Poses Topless With Messy Makeup: ‘Last Night Was Rough’

Bella Thorne attends Fast Company Grill event
Alli Harvey / Getty Images

Bella Thorne is known for sharing unedited images of herself to her Instagram feed so that her fans can see the real side of her sans makeup and with her flaws exposed. In her latest post, the stunner shared several pics of herself sporting unwashed hair and messed up makeup, citing an adventurous Saturday night out as the reason for her unkempt appearance.

Yesterday afternoon, The Inquisitr reported that Bella shared several pictures of herself enjoying a rare day off by visiting an orange grove. It appears that she celebrated her break by going out in the evening.

Thorne wrote that she “woke up like this” in the caption of her latest Instagram share.

The beauty took each photo with her iPhone, carefully maneuvering it in the mirror to capture her body from the collar up. She wasn’t wearing a shirt and used her arm to hide her breasts from the camera. Her newly-highlighted hair looked a little stringy and unstyled as it hung in messy strands around her face.

Thorne’s makeup from last night was still on, but it was smeared across her face. Her bright red lipstick was smudged all the way down to her chin. Her bright blue and white eye shadow had also started to come off, showing the crease of her lids.

The Midnight Sun actress didn’t say where the photos were taken but it appeared to be in a bathroom or bedroom. She made a similar sultry facial expression for each pic, but slightly adjusted her phone to capture her stunning features from a different angle for each new image.

Despite her somewhat grunge appearance, her post proved to be very popular with the star’s many fans and admirers. In less than an hour, the slideshow earned over 116,000 likes and more than 700 comments.

Fans flocked to her comments section to compliment her appearance and admit they were jealous that she could still look so good despite having just woken up and still sporting last night’s makeup. A few people asked her what she had done and whether she went out with her boyfriend or friends.

“These are fantastic photos and I wish you a nice Sunday, dear Bella,” wrote one fan.

“We can’t wake up that beautiful like you Bella,” gushed another user, adding an embarrassed emoji to their comment.

“[U]r perfect in every way possible,” praised a third person, inserting a heart eyes emoji to their remark.

“[I] could never wake up this beautiful,” chimed in a fourth admirer.