Demi Rose Stuns In A White Sports Bra & Daisy Dukes

Demi Rose attends KISS Haunted House Party 2018.
John Phillips / Getty Images

British model Demi Rose wowed her 13.2 million Instagram followers on Sunday, March 1, posing in a scanty outfit that showcased a lot of bare skin.

Demi held her face up to the sun in the photo, stopping to take in some rays on a Los Angeles street. The sky shone a bright blue as green trees stood sky-high.

She bent her arms at the elbows, touching her neck with her hands and tugging on a bra strap.

She wore a skintight white sports bra that barely contained her chest, and she threatened to spill out of it. As it was, the top didn’t fully cover her bust, and a hint of underboob peeked out from the bottom. She paired the bra with denim cutoff Daisy Dukes, which perfectly flaunted her toned midriff and her hourglass figure. The shorts curved upwards on her waist but sat lower than her navel.

The brunette bombshell’s chocolate locks were brushed back away from her face and tumbled down her back in voluminous waves.

As she closed her eyes, it made it easier to see her champagne-colored eyeshadow, which glittered in the sun. Her lashes were thick and dark and coated with black mascara. They fanned out and curled upwards. She wore a light dusting of pink blush on her cheeks, which gave them warmth. Her plump pout was painted a dusty rose hue.

Demi’s fans quickly showered her with praise and affection in the comments section of the photo, whether they decided to post dozens of heart-eye and heart emoji or leave the model lengthier messages.

Some were envious of her beauty.

“Wish i was that hot,” one follower wrote.

Others were sad they weren’t in the same location.

“Right when I’m not in LA,” a fan bemoaned with sad faces.

Others still loved the model so much they wanted her to take the top government position.

“Demi Rose for Prime Minister of England,” said a third follower, posting a Union Jack emoji.

Most were in awe of her good looks.

“Good lord,” exclaimed a fourth user.

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, Demi Rose often showcases her assets on her Instagram story and grid.

One of the latest posts she made featured her panning over her entire outfit with the camera as she rocked a wraparound top that flaunted some serious underboob. She paired the wrap with an orange mesh underlay and skintight black pants.