Charly Jordan Stuns In Black Lingerie For Post About Her Dashed Victoria’s Secret Angel Dreams

Charly wore a matching bra and underwear set for a photo shoot in Topanga Canyon.

Charly Jordan attends Abyss By Abby Launch
Jerritt Clark / Getty Images for Abyss By Abby

Charly wore a matching bra and underwear set for a photo shoot in Topanga Canyon.

Charly Jordan might be one of the most popular models on Instagram, but her social media stardom never did help her achieve her dream of becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Luckily for fans of the stunning 20-year-old DJ and model, this hasn’t prevented her from sharing steamy lingerie photos like the ones she treated them to over the weekend.

On Sunday, the blond bombshell uploaded a set of three snapshots to her Instagram page. She was pictured rocking a black bra with molded cups that perfectly showcased her perky cleavage. The garment featured two tiny triangular cutouts in the center of the bust that added a little visual interest to the otherwise basic lingerie.

Charly was also wearing a pair of black underwear. They featured high-cut leg openings that were trimmed with delicate lace. The thick sides of the garment sat up high on Charly’s curvy hips, while the front dipped down low to expose her toned lower torso. The waist of the underwear was also trimmed with lace.

Over her lingerie, Charly was wearing a colorful knitted robe. The thick garment featured stripes in various sizes and colors, including blue, brown, purple, red, green, and white. The robe was trimmed with long yarn fringe, and Charly was wearing it completely open to show off her undergarments and her fit physique.

The model accessorized her look with multiple gold necklaces and a pair of linear dangle earrings with long chains that extended down slightly past her chin. She was also sporting a pair of small hoop earrings.

Charly wore her long blond hair up in a sleek topknot, which she secured in place with a bright red scrunchie. She left two tendrils of hair down to frame her flawless face.

Charly’s beauty look included makeup in natural and earthy tones. Her full lips were rosy pink, and her eye shadow was a pale hue that was barely noticeable. Her long, dark lashes were curled.

In all three of her photos, Charly was pictured posing indoors and holding a coffee mug. She revealed that her photo shoot took place somewhere in Topanga Canyon.

In the caption of her post, Charly shared her sadness over the end of the era of the Victoria’s Secret Angel. She revealed that she had once dreamed of modeling for the popular lingerie company, but wrote that it’s now “done.” However, she noted that there’s a bright side to supermodels being “a thing of the past,” pointing out that social media has made it possible for models like her to have more control over their careers and how they present themselves to the world.

“I love this!! You are so awesome girl,” read one of the many positive responses to her post.

“Being authentic to who you are in the modern world, on social media, and for yourself is the key to living a happy and productive life,” another commenter wrote. “You are strong, Miss, and you don’t need a brand, or anyone for that matter, to tell you that.”

Social media has also made it possible for Charly to build her fanbase using her good looks, likable personality, and creativity. Her fans seem to enjoy seeing her model a wide range of styles, from lingerie to bikinis and cute clothing.