Tamra Judge Says She Has 'Reunited' With Her Daughter After Years Of Estrangement

Tamra Judge and her daughter, Sidney Barney, have had a difficult relationship for over five years after the then-16-year-old chose to live with her father and cut off all communication with the reality star. Now, Tamra says that the two have finally reunited, though it took a series of heartbreaking circumstances to bring them back together.

As Radar Online reports, Tarma's ex-husband and Sidney's father, Simon Barney, was recently handed a dire throat cancer diagnosis. At the same time, the former star of the Real Housewives of Orange County left the show that made her famous after being told that she would only be returning for a few more episodes.

While things may be difficult for the families, according to a photo posted by Tamra on Instagram, they've turned to each other for support.

Tamra posted an image of her and her daughter, 14-year-old Sophia, her younger daughter from her marriage with Simon. In the comments, one fan asked if Simon's cancer diagnosis had changed her relationship with Sidney.

"Since the news of Simon does your other daughter talk to you?" a fan asked.

"We have all reunited," Tamra replied.

Sidney moved out of her mom's house and moved in with her dad full-time in 2014. During the show, Tamra revealed the status of their relationship, something that often infuriated her daughter. Later, Tamra said that a psychiatrist claimed Sidney was suffering from a condition in which a child rejects the parent that they aren't currently living with. Simon rejected the diagnosis.

Sidney, for her part, said that Tamra had abused and neglected her, something that the 52-year-old firmly denies. The 21-year-old says her mother was "mentally and emotionally abusive."

While the two have seen each other from time to time during the past few years, things haven't been good for the mother and daughter. In 2017, Tamra attended Sidney's high school graduation, but the Cut Fitness founder admitted that things were still challenging between them. At one point, the two hadn't spoken in two years.

"It's been a long and difficult journey, it truly has. But, we are talking and we've done some family dinners together and we are working towards the future and I'm happy about it," Tamra said recently.

"She's away at college, and so it's still pretty tough. But I haven't lost hope," she said in 2017.

Tamra's daughter, Sophia, splits her time evenly between her two parents, while Spencer chose to live with Tamra and her current husband, Eddie Judge.