Fitness Trainer Lisa Lanceford Demonstrates The Right Way To Do Lateral Dumbbell Raises In New Video

Lisa Lanceford snaps a selfie
Lisa Lanceford / Instagram

Fitness trainer Lisa Lanceford focused on demonstrating proper form in the most recent video on her Instagram page. Rocking a purple sports bra and matching leggings, Lisa showed the right and wrong way to do lateral dumbbell raises in two clips that were spliced into one side-by-side comparison video.

Lisa demonstrated incorrect lateral raises in the video on the left. In it, she angled the weights diagonally and lifted them slightly above her shoulders. Also, each time she raised the weights, she leaned her back forward slightly.

In the clip that displayed the correct form, the trainer kept her back steady and lifted the weights until they were parallel to her shoulders and not above them.

In the caption, Lisa instructed viewers not to use momentum to lift the weights. She also said exercisers should make sure that the dumbbells are facing the body as they raise them. She encouraged fans to maintain a braced core when they attempt the exercise and to use slow, controlled movements as they complete their reps.

Lisa stressed that she isn’t trying to shame anyone for doing lateral raises the wrong way. Her goal with the video was to help people maximize the potential of the exercise and prevent potential injury, she explained. She also expressed hope that viewers found the video useful.

The clip has been viewed close to 170,000 times as of this writing, and more than 100 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, fans shared their appreciation for her demonstration of proper form for the lateral dumbbell raise.

“Fab tip, I have to use teeny tiny weight for this one, but I know its effective!” one person wrote. “Thanks for sharing Lisa.”

“I love these videos, they’re super important,” another supporter said.

And one fan confessed that they used to do the exercise the wrong way.

“This was me once upon a time…but I soon realized the weight was too heavy,” they added.

But amid all of the supportive messages, one commenter had criticism for Lisa.

“I’m sorry but I find your ‘do’s and don’t’ posts to be a bit exaggerated on the don’t. I go to the gym a lot and I never see people doing exercises the wrong way to the extreme you portray the ‘don’t,'” they wrote. “Bring it down a notch.”

Lisa hasn’t responded to the comment as of this writing, but other commenters replied to assert that they had seen gym-goers doing the exercise incorrectly in the way that the British fitness trainer displayed.