March 1, 2020
Kurt Warner Thinks The 'Best Situation' For Tom Brady Is The Tennessee Titans

If Tom Brady ends up leaving the New England Patriots -- as most reports believe he will -- there is no shortage of teams that would like to gain his services. Among the teams that could be looking for a new quarterback, the Tennessee Titans haven't gotten a lot of mentions. That's because their 2019 quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, had a heck of a season. Still, one Hall of Fame signal-caller believes the wild card team that went all the way to the AFC Championship a season ago would be the best landing spot for Brady.

Kurt Warner talked to USA Today earlier this week and made it clear he thinks Brady should stay away from the AFC West -- this despite both the Las Vegas Raiders and San Diego Chargers being on the hunt for a new quarterback. Warner, after being asked how he would counsel the Pats quarterback by a roundtable of reporters, said he doesn't think Tom Brady is going to enjoy going up against Patrick Mahomes twice a year. He's used to winning his division every season.

"Just from that standpoint alone, I probably look at a team like the Titans, and I say to myself, 'Well, they were right there last year, and they've got some pieces we can build off of.' That's probably, in my mind, the best situation of those three that I'm hearing about."
The question is going to be whether or not the Titans are willing to pony up the kind of cash Brady is looking for, because their quarterback situation isn't dire. Entering 2019, the team would have jumped at the chance to land the future Hall of Famer. But after a season where Ryan Tannehill threw for 22 touchdowns to just six interceptions, bringing him back for a fraction of Brady's price tag makes sense.

Tom Brady talks to Kurt Warner after the Super Bowl
Getty Images | Ezra Shaw

After discussing where he thinks the current New England Patriots quarterback will end up, Warner gave his thoughts on just why Tom Brady and the Pats are in the situation they're in. He believes the quarterback could have simply said "let's get this done" and gotten a deal. Because of that, Warner thinks the certain future Hall of Famer wants to see if the grass is really greener elsewhere. He understands why that sentiment exists, but also cautions how hard it can be for an older quarterback to start over on a new team -- even if it's with a team like the Titans.

The player-turned-analyst believes Tom Brady is in for a bit of a rude awakening, no matter where he goes if his destination is not the New England Patriots.