Fitness Model Michie Peachie Performs Intense Lower Body Workout In Golden Yellow Crop Top And Leggings

Michie Peachie snaps a selfie
Michie Peachie / Instagram

Fitness model Michie Peachie trained her legs and glutes in the most recent video series on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a golden yellow crop top and matching leggings, the brunette beauty started the workout with a series of leg curls at a cable machine. For this exercise, she leaned forward and braced herself against the machine to maintain her balance. With the strap attached to her left ankle, Michie bent her active leg, bringing her heel closer to her glutes.

In the second video, she powered through a set of sumo squat deadlifts which required her to assume an extreme wide-legged stance as she pulled the handle of the cable machine up with her arms. Then she moved on to doing cable monster walks, where she took short steps to the side in a crouched position with the cable weight strapped beneath one foot.

In the fourth and final clip, Michie tackled a series of straight leg cable kickbacks on an inclined exercise bench. Much like the first video, Michie attached the weight to her ankle, but this time she propped herself on her elbows and had one knee on the bench while lifting her active leg.

In her caption, Michie said that her outfit was from Bombshell Sportswear, a brand that she has worn in several of the videos on her Instagram page. While she didn’t share any additional information about the items she wore, a glance at the brand’s website reveals that she sported their “Elite Seamless Leggings And Pullover.” But unfortunately for anyone who wants to copy Michie’s workout look, the top is currently sold out in that color. The leggings are available, however, and retail for $68.

The post has been liked close to 11,000 times since it was uploaded. In the comments section, fans showered Michie with praise.

“Oh yeah… you look amazingly beautiful,” one person wrote before adding a star and rose emoji to their comment.

“You have worked hard and look beautiful,” a second commenter wrote.

And her all-yellow outfit got some attention as well.

“Omg that set looks so good on you,” another follower added.

But amid all of the compliments, one fan had a question about the straight-leg cable kickbacks that Michie included in her circuit.

“How do you get the ankle strap to stay on the front of your foot while doing exercise #4,” they asked.

Michie hasn’t responded to the query, as of this writing.