Aussie Fitness Model Stephanie Sanzo Stretches Her Muscular Physique In Pink Sports Bra And Black Leggings

Stephanie Sanzo snaps a selfie
Stephanie Sanzo / Instagram

Australian fitness model Stephanie Sanzo stretched her muscular frame in the most recent video on her Instagram page. Dressed in a pink sports bra and black leggings, the blond mother-of-two started the routine by moving into the downward dog yoga pose. She started the move on her hands and knees, and then pressed her hips back while dropping her torso to the floor. In her caption, she recommended doing 10 reps, holding each pose for three seconds.

Next, she moved on to side-lying thoracic spine rotations. For this exercise, she lay with her arms outstretched and her hands clasped before twisting her torso to the other side while reaching one arm up in tandem with the rotation. Her caption suggested doing 10 of these on each side.

After she was done with that move, she brought out a resistance band for a series of dislocations and pull-aparts. The first exercise required her to lift the band behind her head repeatedly. For the pull-aparts, she had to stretch the band outwards with a lateral motion of her arms. She also did face pulls with the band which, as the name suggests, required her to pull it towards her head. Then she moved on to straight arm pull-downs with the band before she whipped out a purple kettlebell for single-arm presses.

In addition to the warm-up routine, Stephanie also shared a weightlifting demonstration for her fans with exercises that target the shoulders and back.

The clip has been viewed close to 50,000 times as of this writing, and more than 100 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, fans thanked her for being open about her warm-up routine.

“Amazing that you show this, most of ‘bodybuilders’ on Instagram don’t show the warm-ups,” one person wrote.

“Love this Steph, as usual putting out the amazing and helpful content,” another fan added. “Hope you’ve had a great weekend.”

Others used the post as an opportunity to compliment the blond beauty.

“Warm?? I think you look hot the moment you walk in the gym,” a third commenter added.

And then there were those who had questions for Stephanie.

“Hi, Steph! Do you recommend deadlifting every week or do you think it’s important to take a week or two for recovering and resting the nervous system?” an inquisitive user asked.

In her reply, Stephanie said that it was “perfectly fine” to do deadlifts every week but that she’d include a deload week every four to eight weeks if she felt burned out. As Muscle And Strength notes, in weightlifting, deload weeks are when lifters normally do one of three things: lessen the weight they use, decrease their normal number of reps, or swap out some to the exercises they regularly include in their circuits.