AEW News: Jon Moxley Reveals Who He Thinks The Best Wrestler Of All Time Is

Jon Moxley gets ready for action
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Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho might be enemies on All Elite Wrestling television, but behind the scenes there appears to be a lot of mutual respect between the pair. During a recent interview with Sporting News, Moxley shared his real thoughts on the former AEW World Champion, revealing that he thinks he’s the greatest performer in the history of the business.

According to Moxley, Jericho’s longevity is the main reason why he’s the best around. However, he didn’t come to this conclusion on his own, as the superstar he praised supposedly shares the same opinion.

“I think his drive is to be the greatest of all time. I remember him telling me that when we were talking about ideas we had for an angle that we didn’t even end up doing because plans changed. He was gone for a while, and he’s like yeah, ‘I’m gonna call myself the greatest of all time’ because The Rock and Stone Cold [Steve Austin] and they hadn’t been here how ever long. I’ve been here for longer, been doing it at a higher level for longer (than) all these guys.”

Jericho has been a popular superstar since the 1990s, having competed all over the world before eventually joining WWE. He became a legend in Vince McMahon’s promotion throughout the years, but in 2019, he decided to join their newest rivals, where he became the inaugural World Champion.

While determining the best of all time is entirely subjective, there is a strong case to be made for “The Painmaker.” According to Moxley, Jericho’s drive is what puts him in the conversation for being the best to ever step into the ring. He’s been a main event player for almost 30 years, and in that time, he’s reinvented himself over and over again in order to stay relevant.

Some wrestling fans and pundits might disagree with Moxley’s opinion, but he’s been consistent with this particular belief. As The Inquisitr previously reported, he called Jericho the greatest of all time in another recent interview, so he appears to be convinced that “The Painmaker” is as good as they come.

Jericho and Moxley are both former WWE superstars who have found a new lease on life in AEW, which has propelled them into a main event program with each other. At this weekend’s Revolution pay-per-view, they faced off for the World Championship in a grueling match from which Moxley emerged victorious to become the second holder of the title in the company’s short history.