Brunette Bombshell Claudia Tihan Stuns By Rocking A White Bikini In The Snow

Claudia's photo was taken in Iceland.

Claudia Tihan takes a mirror selfie.
Claudia Tihan / Instagram

Claudia's photo was taken in Iceland.

Canadian Instagram influencer Claudia Tihan impressed her fans by braving the cold to rock a revealing bikini in the snow.

On Saturday, the brunette beauty shared photographic proof of her daring wardrobe choice with her 1.3 million followers. Claudia was pictured rocking a snow white bikini. She was standing at a slight angle with her back to the camera, which was positioned below her. This view revealed that her two-piece had a thong back. Her bottoms had a high waist that kept the small of her back covered, but most of her curvaceous backside was on full display, along with her shapely thighs.

The front of Claudia’s bikini top wasn’t visible, save for the scantest sliver of one of its cups. The cup wasn’t fully covering the model’s ample cleavage on the side, so a hint of sideboob was exposed to the elements. Claudia’s top had thin, adjustable straps that connected to a band on the back. She was wearing her thick hair straight and down, so most of the back of her bikini was covered by her long, dark tresses.

Claudia was wearing a pair of white Moon Boots on her feet. The tops of the warm snow boots hit high up on her calves, protecting a small amount of skin from the bitter cold. Her footwear also provided the traction that she needed to model her swimwear in the snow. No sunlight was shining down on her at the time her picture was taken, but she was sporting a pair of dark shades to protect her eyes.

Claudia was pictured standing on a small hill of packed snow in front of a wall of dark, craggy rock that was also covered with the frozen white stuff. She had her arms straight down at her sides.

In the caption of her post, Claudia revealed that her swimsuit was from Salty Bikini, and she described the color as “coconut milk.”

As of this writing, Claudia’s photo has been liked over 52,000 times. One of her Instagram followers responded to her snapshot by asking if she was cold during her photoshoot, and she confirmed that she was freezing.

“Truuuuust me when I say that I cried once while we were shooting cause I was so cold,” Claudia wrote.

“I see the redness on your legs ahahah poor uuu!” read one fan’s response to her post.

“Omg I would’ve been freezing my a** off, you look so good tho babe!!” another commenter wrote.

In a previous Instagram post, Claudia revealed that her photo was snapped in Iceland, where she’s shooting a campaign for her second bikini collection.

Claudia isn’t the only Canadian model who has been posing for stunning swimsuit photos in Iceland. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Khloe Terae visited the country last month, and she posed in front of a glacier while wearing a metallic one-piece.