March 1, 2020
Kaley Cuoco Reveals The Thing That She Hates 'The Most' After Her Assistant Makes A Mistake

Kaley Cuoco was not happy about the mistake that her assistant, Emma, made when she ordered the actress' lunch.

On Saturday, Kaley, 34, uploaded a few videos documenting her displeasure over her assistant's error on her Instagram stories. The former star of The Big Bang Theory is currently busy filming her new HBO Max series The Flight Attendant in New York, and she informed her followers that she's now working six days a week. However, Kaley stated that she decided to give her assistant Saturday off because she is "extremely nice" to the people she works with.

"I told Emma, my trusty assistant, 'Take the day off,'" Kaley recalled. "Work from the hotel, or get what you need done. You don't need to come to the studio today. I got this. It's very confined scenes; I'm good. Just, you know, order me my normal lunch, and you can have it sent to the stages, and I'll be fine," she told Emma.

Kaley then explained that Emma orders her lunch for her every day, and it's always the same thing: salmon and veggies. According to Kaley, this is her favorite thing to eat. The actress also revealed the food that she detests the most.

"But what do I hate the most?" Kaley continued.

"Anyone that knows me knows that I hate mushrooms. If I see one, I really lose my appetite."
Kaley then addressed Emma. She held up the plastic container with her lunch inside it, and it did include salmon and a veggie medley. However, Kaley used a plastic fork to spear a mushroom that was mixed in with the other food. She held the offensive fungi up in front of the camera as she paused for dramatic effect.Kaley lamented that the salmon on her plate looked "so beautiful," but she feared that she wouldn't be able to eat it because the mushroom had touched the piece of fish. While she was poking her food with her fork, she made another unfortunate discovery: There were two mushrooms.

Kaley eventually shared an update on what she decided to do about her assistant's meal mistake.

"Okay, I picked out the lone mushrooms. I tossed them in a trash can that's not in my dressing room. Because if they're in my dressing room, I'll know they're here, and I can't," Kaley said.

"The salmon looks okay. Even though the mushroom touched the salmon, I'm going to eat it, because it looks really beautiful. But crisis averted. Emma, I hope you're enjoying your day off."
This isn't the first time Kaley has mentioned her assistant on Instagram. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she shared a photo of Emma carrying her bags during a shopping trip when she was filming The Flight Attendant on location in Rome. It included the hashtag #pooremma.