March 1, 2020
Tom Brady's Reaction To Julian Edelman's 'He's Coming Back' Has Some Thinking He's Not

If rumors that Tom Brady is telling people he's leaving the New England Patriots isn't enough to convince you he'll be playing elsewhere, his reaction in a recent video that's been making the rounds on Saturday just might. The longtime Pats quarterback attended a college basketball game with teammate Julian Edelman and cameras at the North Carolina-Syracuse contest caught them near courtside. Edelman looked into the camera and said, "he's coming back, he's coming back." Brady then looked back at Edelman, made a face, and mouthed something as the video ended.

Just what Brady's reaction to Edelman's proclamation means is open to interpretation, but there are more than a few people on the Internet who believe it wasn't something positive for Patriots fans. The New York Post claims the quarterback's reaction was a kind of cringe and it certainly doesn't appear he's totally on board with what his teammate is saying.

When ESPN's SportsCenter Twitter account posted the video, several of its followers believed they could read Brady's lips. Several people believe he responds "he's not," right at the end of the video.

As The New York Post pointed out, this is hardly the first time Edelman has been public about his desire to have Tom Brady come back to the Patriots. He even posted a public plea on social media earlier this winter.

After the Sportscenter account posted the video, followers began weighing in on the reactions from all the men in the video. One Twitter user pointed out that once Brady wasn't laughing the same way Edelman was, the Patriots' receiver seemed to get rather defensive.

Another user posted, "he literally shakes his head no and says 'he's not.'" Other Twitter users seemed to be in agreement that Brady's reaction was not one that appeared to be in agreement with the New England receiver.

The video is just the latest attempt to try and decide just what Tom Brady plans to do about the 2020 season. There have been reports that the Patriots would like to bring the signal-caller back on a one-year deal but that he wants at least a two-year contract. Other reports have indicated both sides believe it's time to move on.

New England wants to get younger and Brady wants to see if the grass really is greener elsewhere. As the league moves closer to the deadline when teams can resign players or let them go the free-agent route, the question about whether Tom Brady is coming back will be answered soon enough.