Fitness Model Ashleigh Jordan Trains Her Glutes In Bright Blue Leggings And Black Sports Bra

Ashleigh Jordan snaps a selfie
Ashleigh Jordan / Instagram

Fitness model Ashleigh Jordan trained her glutes in the most recent video series on her Instagram page and fans are loving it. Dressed in a pair of flattering blue leggings and a black crop top, the blond bombshell started her workout with a series of kneeling squats with a barbell hoisted on her shoulders. To perform her reps, she started the exercise in a kneeling position and then thrust her hips forward. In her caption, she recommended doing three sets of the exercise of 15 reps each.

Next, she moved on to doing curtsy lunges into squats. The curtsy lunge required her to take huge steps backward before she stood back up and then lowered herself again for the squat. Her caption also suggested completing three, 15-rep sets for each leg.

The third video saw her doing reps on the reverse hyper machine which meant that she had to lift her lower body while she kept her torso bent at the waist. And then in the final video, she knocked out a set of sumo squats with a barbell.

The post has been liked more than 10,000 times as of this writing and her fans raved over Ashley’s physique in the comments section.

“You’re amazing & I aspire to be as good as you,” one person wrote before adding fire and heart-eye emoji to her comment.

And as with most of her videos, fans seemed entranced by her leggings, likely because of their unique contouring stripes at the back. The pants are from Ashleigh’s activewear line NVGTN and she has previously informed fans that the next product release will be at the end of March.

“I cannot wait to get these leggings ahh!” one person wrote excitedly about the curve accentuating workout pants.

“Hey @ashleigh_jordan what’s the fabrics of your leggings??? I’m waiting for the launch can’t wait!!!” another added.

And amid the compliments about her videos, figure, and leggings, some fans had questions.

“Is there a benefit to doing squats on your knees – I guess it activates glutes more than thighs? What if you have bad knees, should you stay away from this exercise?” one commenter asked. As of this writing, Ashleigh hasn’t responded to the query.

This is hardly the first time that Ashleigh has shared a booty-focused workout with her millions of followers. In a previous video, in which she wore a purple sports bra and matching leggings, Ashleigh performed a circuit that targetted the gluteus medius which she called the “side booty.” The workout included exercises like lying single-leg abductions, gliding side lunges, curtsy lunges, side-leg raise, extended clamshells.