Jared Kushner Says Donald Trump's Second Term Would Be Marked By 'High Competence, Low Drama'

In an interview at the Conservative Political Actions Conference (CPAC) on Friday, senior White House adviser Jared Kushner discussed his father-in-law President Donald Trump's re-election bid. Per Raw Story, Kushner drew parallels between Trump's 2020 campaign and his potential second term in office.

"The way that you see the campaign being run, there's no leaks. There's no drama. I would say it's high-competence, low drama," Kushner said. "Everything is very efficiently run, and I think that's exemplary of how President Trump would run his second term in office," he added.

According to the president's son-in-law, the 2016 campaign "made a lot more good decisions than wrong decisions," but the 2020 campaign is much more polished.

"Everything that worked. We've doubled and tripled down on. Everything that didn't work, we've swept away," he said, before discussing Trump's first term in office.

Kushner explained that Trump never adapted to Washington, Rather, he said, the president is "forcing Washington to adapt to him." Discussing Trump's unconventional governance style, Kushner said that his father-in-law is disliked in Washington, and that he is not looking at polls before making important decision.

Trump, Kushner asserted, does what he believes needs to be done and "brings the polls to his positions." According to the senior White House adviser, "most people don't like Washington, so they like the fact that he's fighting against Washington."

As Raw Story notes, Kushner's statements come just months after the Trump campaign fired its top pollster, and as reports allege that tensions are brewing in his 2020 campaign, with officials feuding with each other and revolting against campaign manager Brad Parscale.

Parscale, who also made an appearance at the CPAC, shared information about Trump's 2020 strategy, revealing that the president will rely on what is allegedly the largest voter contact list in American history.

According to Parscale, Trump has more voter contact information than former President Barack Obama had in 2016, after eight years in the White House. The campaign is gathering voter information via social media and collecting data from the tens of thousands of Trump rally attendees.

Furthermore, according to the president's campaign manager, Trump will have 2 million volunteers ready and trained for the general election, and his campaign is working with a much larger budget than in 2016. Because of this, Parscale announced, states such as Nevada, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Minnesota will "come into play."

According to a recent Fox News poll, Trump would lose against all six of the top Democratic presidential candidates.