Reese Witherspoon Talks Up ‘The Jetsetters’ By Amanda Eyre Ward: ‘Ready To Set Sail On A Literary Adventure?’

Reese Witherspoon speaks during the 2020 Winter TCA Press Tour
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Every month, Reese Witherspoon hits up her Instagram account to promote her own personal book club. Using the social media platform to reach her fans, she recommends a worthy missive to read.

On Sunday, her pick for March was a novel entitled The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward. The 48-year-old author from Austin has written seven novels — including Close Your Eyes, The Same Sky, and The Nearness of You — and The Jetsetters is her latest offering.

Reese said the Texas-based writer’s tome about the reunion of “a disconnected family” who gather on a cruise ship sailing its way through Europe was particularly enjoyable due to its “sense of adventure.”

The New York Times eventually agreed with the actress, although Judy Blundell, the author of the review, was a bit put off by the premise when she began to read The Jetsetters. Still, her headline — “A Widow Takes Her Grown Kids on a Cruise. What Could Go Wrong?” — said a lot about this new work of fiction.

In the book, all the cracks in each person’s story start to show as readers hear from each of four major characters. In alternating chapters, characters provide a perspective on their lives, both past and present. The family begins their journey in Athens, Greece, stopping at various ports along the way. However, it is during their time onboard the Splendido Marveloso that the truth comes out. It is also while at sea that the author creates funny anecdotes as the group of relatives learns to do cruise-worthy activities, like making plain white towels into various animal shapes.

Many of Reese’s 27.1 million followers were interested in what the actress has been reading. Her Instagram post about Amanda Eyre Ward’s novel, The Jetsetters, earned more than 87,000 likes and 475 comments within five hours of going live.

“Already ordered… Tic tac tic tac,” stated one fan.

“I have been on a cruise through Europe…fun couple of weeks… hope the book’s as good,” remarked a second Instagram user.

“Not available till Tuesday (March 3) ohhh,” said a third follower, who added a couple of screaming face emoji.

“Is there a French version yet?? It sounds so good!” inquired a fourth person.

While Reese enjoys celebrating the works of noted novelists, she also likes to look back at memorable experiences she has shared with others. On Leap Day this year, the prolific actress joined fellow thespian Mindy Kaling to literally leap during that special time. The throwback picture on Instagram featured the joy-filled pair against an awe-inspiring backdrop when they were filming Oprah’s A Wrinkle in Time in New Zealand, according to The Inquisitr.