Greta Thunberg Responds To Sexual Cartoon Of Her That Was Reported As Child Pornography

Teenage Swedish activist Greta Thunberg demonstrates with high school students against global warming
Adam Berry / Getty Images

A cartoon sticker bearing the logo of X-Site Energy Services that appeared to depict 17-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg being sexually assaulted was recently discovered in Alberta, Canada. Canoe reported that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) did not deem the image to be child pornography, and now, HuffPost reports that Thunberg has responded to the controversial cartoon.

“They are starting to get more and more desperate,” Thunberg tweeted. “This shows that we’re winning.”

The stickers were allegedly promotional materials that were intended to be worn at job sites of X-Site Energy Services. However, Doug Sparrow, X-Site Energy Services’ general manager, denied having any connection to the stickers.

Interestingly, Michelle Narang, who lives in Rocky Mountain House in west-central Alberta, claims she spoke to Sparrow about the decal.

“She’s not a child, she’s 17,” he allegedly responded.

Despite the offensive nature of the sticker, the RCMP claims that it doesn’t constitute child pornography, which is a visual representation — photographic or otherwise — that shows a person under the age of 18 engaged in or depicted as involved in sexual activity.

“Alberta RCMP do not believe it constitutes a criminal offence,” a police statement said Friday. “As such, Alberta RCMP will not be commenting any further on this investigation.”

While speaking to HuffPost, RCMP Superintendent Gerald Grobmeier added more context to the police service’s decision.

“We also don’t feel it’s appropriate, of course, but it isn’t a criminal matter.”

As reported by Global News, Alberta is an oil-rich province that is engaged in a clash with Canada’s federal government over the best path forward to curb greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change.

Recently, an alarming new report showed that Alberta would warm faster than the rest of the planet due to human activity. The report in question, entitled Alberta’s Climate Future, was reportedly released over six months after Alberta’s conservative government received the final draft, which led to accusations of a cover-up.

Thunberg has been the target of ire from many on the political right. As The Inquisitr reported, Donald Trump‘s treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, used an appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to take a shot at Thunberg and her push for putting an end to fossil fuel investment and industry subsidies.

“Is she the chief economist? Who is she, I’m confused,” Mnuchin asked before taking one last jab at the young activist. “After she goes and studies economics in college she can come back and explain that to us.”