February 29, 2020
Dallas Cowboys Lineman Randy Gregory Reportedly Filed For NFL Reinstatement

Randy Gregory wants to return to the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys. That's according to a report by Asa Henry of Cowboys Wire that says the defensive lineman has filed a motion to be reinstated with the league ahead of the new CBA going into effect.

Jean-Jacques Taylor of ESPN Radio in Dallas revealed Gregory is attempting yet another comeback. The former Nebraska Cornhuskers star was suspended for the entire 2019 season after repeatedly failing the NFL's drug-testing program and not following through on mandated programs he was supposed to go through during his last suspension.

The new collective bargaining agreement, which has started to get some traction among players after being initially rejected, is expected to have lower standards for marijuana testing, as well as lower penalties. The question now is whether or not he can get reinstated after being suspended numerous times. There is also the question as to whether the Dallas Cowboys would welcome him back.

Henry believes there is a reason to think Gregory would indeed be able to stick with the team if allowed to play again. Gregory led the team in sacks in 2018 with six, despite only starting one game for Dallas. As Henry points out, that showing demonstrated the kind of promise the former Cornhusker prospect had when he came into the league.

Randy Gregory chases a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys
Getty Images | Richard Rodriguez

Since coming into the league, he's failed three drug tests dating back to 2016. Eventually, he was suspended for the entire 2017 season. He had to request reinstatement after that season and was granted it just ahead of the 2018 campaign.

Gregory has said there are several reasons why he continues to use marijuana, despite being repeatedly caught by the NFL. Among the reasons he's stated is a battle with an anxiety disorder.

Gregory originally filed for reinstatement last summer. The league completely ignored that filing, according to Henry. That means the NFL never approved or denied reinstatement, but simply acted as if it never received the paperwork at all.

Randy Gregory is hoping yet another request to get back on the field will be met with a different response this time around. While the Cowboys are said to not be "getting ahead of themselves" when it comes to plans for Gregory, the reality of the situation is they are looking at losing several defensive stars to free agency. That would seem to indicate that if Randy Gregory is allowed back, the team would welcome him.