Sommer Ray Ranks With A Military Vibe Via An Epaulet Jacket & Legless Bodysuit: ‘She’s A Maze With No Escape’

Sommer Ray at the premiere of "Thor: Ragnarok"
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

On Friday night, Sommer Ray posted a fresh Instagram update in which she rocked an alluring epaulet jacket. The style of the army green garment with its bold shoulder decorations was originally meant to show military rank, but has recently gone civilian as a popular sartorial statement, according to Business of Fashion.

While the 23-year-old social media guru did use this look as a mark of valor, she did create authoritative vibes by wearing the stunning outer layer. Besides its shoulder embellishment, the long-sleeved jacket also featured decorative elements on the forearms, ornate metal buttons down the front, and a tuxedo-styled tail in the back.

The statement jacket’s fabric looked a little rough around the edges, even sporting tiny holes to make its appearance look worn and well-used. Underneath the complicated garment, Sommer wore a strapless and legless bodysuit made of a peach-colored fabric that sported a rippled effect in the front.

In the five-part social media share, Sommer posed in a variety of ways while showing off her extremely glam makeup look. In terms of applications, she rocked darkened and redefined eyebrows, pink eyeshadow, black mascara, black eyeliner, peachy-pink blush, strategic contouring, and dark red lipstick and lipliner.

The setting for Sommer’s photo shoot was in front of a dried up, old school fountain that served as a floral planter set into a beige adobe wall. The scene also included a tropical plant with large leaves that created provocative shadows as the fitness model struck her many poses.

In Sommer’s first photo in the pack, the camera caught the star as she looked into the distance with her mouth slightly open. The second snap carried a flirty vibe, thanks to the model’s tilted head and fiery gaze. In that image, one of her enviable upper thighs rocked an indentation only established through rigorous and consistent exercise.

In the third photo, a huge dose of sunlight had moved into the attractive scene, causing Sommer’s green jacket to appear turquoise in color. That image was arguably the most bodacious of the bunch, given that the beauty’s legs were bent and slightly parted as her fingers played with the most intimate edges of the bodysuit.

The next photo proved Sommer can look as sultry as is possible as she placed one hand on her taut thigh. Then, in the last snap, she put her arms at chest level while holding her stunning jacket open with a tight fist.

Sommer’s multi-photo Instagram update earned a generous amount of engagement within 20 hours of going live on the social media platform. Among the fashionable star’s 24.3 million followers, her latest post earned more,than 505, 000 likes and nearly 2,300 comments. Some individuals used emoji to convey their feelings while others used their words.

“Okay high fashion,” stated fellow lifestyle model Jena Frumes, who added a heart-eye face and a crown emoji.

“Who would want to escape,” quipped a second fan, who was referencing Sommer’s caption.

“I’m already lost in you,” stated a third cheeky admirer, who added a red heart emoji.

“Will you go to my schools formal please?” asked a fourth Instagram user, who appeared to be offering Sommer a “promposal.”

Sommer’s enchanting look this week is not typical of how the star presents herself on social media. She usually wears either gym attire or scanty bikinis, the latter of which she rocked in an Instagram update she created while modeling in the Bahamas.