UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Sizzles In White Bra & Panties: 'Untamed'

UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer thrilled her Instagram followers with a new share featuring an untamed version of herself in black and white.

The model stood against a raven background in the photograph. She wore a simple tank-style white sports bra with a thick bottom band and a scoop neckline that gave her followers a peek at her ample cleavage, which spilled out over the top. She paired the bra with high-cut, high-waisted matching white panties that showed off her shapely thighs and hips.

The sexy look showed off the model's incredibly toned midsection that appeared to have the beginnings of a six-pack. The model's arms and shoulders also looked shapely in the shot. The brunette beauty wore her highlighted long hair in soft waves with a deep side part. It fell over half her face, obscuring one eye entirely, and the rest flowed over her shoulder and into her cleavage.

Brittney held a strand of her hair in one hand that also sported a dark manicure. She held onto the waistband of her panties with her other hand. The model accessorized her look with a simple necklace and belly button ring.

Brittney wore dramatic eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara in the picture, and she filled in her eyebrows, which appeared quite dark. Strategically applied highlighter and bronzer made the model's features stand out in the black-and-white photograph. She also wore lipstick, which defined her full, shapely lips.

In the caption, Brittney credited Matallana as the photographer, and she gave the image a simple title. The model's followers showed their appreciation for the post with more than 12,800 Instagram users hitting the "like" button in less than an hour. Plus, dozens also left uplifting comments on the post.

"Out of the heavens this immaculate light and one of the Angels would appear with everything right," wrote an Instagram user, who also included several yellow heart emoji.

"Wow, look at that six-pack. Good morning beautiful," a second person replied, adding a flame emoji to indicate the look is fire.

"Untamed maybe, but wild when it comes to being naturally beautiful," gushed a third follower, who also included several pink heart emoji.

"Have followed you for a while now and never commented until now. This is one of the most stunning pictures of you," a fourth follower praised the UFC octagon girl.

The Inquisitr recently reported that Brittney thrilled her followers while wearing black lingerie in a romantic-themed Valentine's Day post earlier this month.