Taraji P. Henson Debuts Fiery Red Hair In Recent Instagram Update

Taraji P. Henson attends the 8th Annual Breakthrough Prize Ceremony at NASA Ames Research Center.
Rich Fury / Getty Images

Actress Taraji P. Henson, who many fans know from her role as Cookie Lyon on the show Empire, stunned her 15.2 million Instagram followers with her latest Instagram update, in which she debuted an entirely new look. Taraji opted to switch things up and go fiery red with her hair color and showed off her new tresses in a smoking hot triple Instagram update.

In the snaps, Taraji appeared to be in the backseat of a vehicle, and she took the opportunity to capture some pictures of her new hairstyle. The bombshell seems to have embraced her natural texture, and the red coloring added an entirely new element to her look. In the first snap, Taraji simply stared at the camera out of the corner of her eye. The sun shone through the window, illuminating her face and hair, and she posed with one hand up, hovering near her curls. Her long lashes framed her stunning eyes, and she had her lips slightly parted in the seductive shot. What was visible of Taraji’s ensemble was simple, consisting of a black ribbed turtleneck top.

The second snap featured slightly better lighting, and Taraji turned her face towards the camera. She had a soft pink shade on her lips and bronzed tones on her eyes. Her cheekbones were illuminated and her new red locks framed her stunning face perfectly. In the third and final snap, Taraji managed to capture the photo during a time when the lighting was absolutely magical. The sun shone over her features, giving her a magical glow, as she looked forward. Her flaming red hair framed her face and had some major volume.

Many of Taraji’s Instagram followers couldn’t get enough of her new look, and the post racked up over 299,700 likes within just one day, including a like from fellow actress Gabrielle Union. Many of her fans took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts, as the post received 4,084 comments in the same one-day time span.

One follower loved the look and said, “I want that hairrrrrrrrrr.”

“I gasped. Lady in red,” another fan commented.

“Just killed the gram,” one fan added of Taraji’s sizzling snaps.

Another fan almost seemed struck speechless by Taraji’s new look, and said “wow! Wow, this is wow. I love you so much mama.”

Earlier this month, as The Inquisitr reported, Taraji thrilled her followers with a smoking hot snap in which she rocked a skimpy swimsuit while on vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. Her hair was pulled back in a braided style that highlighted her beauty and she splashed around, having an absolute blast.