Lindsey Pelas Shows Off Major Skin In Barely-There Lingerie

Lindsey Pelas poses for a photograph.
Courtesy Photo

Lindsey Pelas got scantily clad on her Instagram stories, sharing two videos and a photo of herself in a sexy lingerie set.

In the new update, the model wore a sheer black crop top with a plunging neckline that accentuated her voluptuous bust. Her ample cleavage was so prominent that she almost spilled out of the top. Underneath the shirt, she wore a dark bra with lace designs on the cups. The top cinched at the cleavage and had a drawstring that dangled off of it.

The stunner paired the outfit with a leopard-print thong. The skimpy underwear sported an orange-yellow band at the waistline, circling her midriff, just below her navel. Her toned midsection was on display for all 9.1 million of her followers to see. For her accessories, she opted to wear large silver hoops on her ears.

Lindsey’s platinum blond locks cascaded down her shoulders in voluminous curls, reaching all the way down to her chest. As for her makeup, her eyes were rimmed with kohl liner, accentuating her sea-green irises. She wore a soft blush on her cheeks, making her cheekbones pop. Her pout was lined with a mocha hue, and filled in with a frosty pink gloss.

In the first of the story’s three parts, Lindsey sat back on her bed, with one hand steadying herself while the other held up her phone for the mirror selfie. She moved her body back-and-forth in the video, allowing her to showcase her full ensemble. She sat with one leg dangling off the bed, while her other foot touched her thigh.

The second part was a still photo that showcased the Louisiana-born model’s derriere, as she posed from the side and stuck her tongue out for the camera. Lindsey arched her back and let her booty take center stage. The waistband of her panties rode high on her hips.

In the third part, Lindsey zoomed in closer to give her fans a more close-up shot of the lingerie. The clip featured her staring intently at her phone screen while she moved her shoulder back-and-forth.

“She’s back,” the model captioned the video.

She used the “retroCAM” Instagram filter for all three parts, which made her already sunkissed skin glow even more.

Lindsey’s Instagram is filled with photos and videos of herself wearing everything from sheer lingerie to revealing swimsuits. She often flaunts her “genetically gifted” assets in whatever ensemble she is wearing.

Just recently, she shared a boomerang of herself from the waist up, revealing her décolletage in a lacy white bra.