‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Jordan Blasts Curtis About The Warehouse Shooting

General Hospital stars Donnell Turner (Curtis) and Briana Nicole Henry (Jordan) pose for a press photo.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

It was yet another eventful week on ABC’s General Hospital, with Cyrus Renault still out for revenge against Taggert and Jordan. It all escalated on Friday when he ordered his men to kidnap Trina and Cameron as a way to get to Taggert. With the help of Curtis Ashford and Jason Morgan, the teens are now safe. However, Curtis won’t be safe from his wife when Jordan lays into him on Monday about him not contacting her about the kidnapping.

General Hospital added a brand new preview clip for Monday showing the aftermath of the shooting at the warehouse. Taggert was shot and is expected to be fighting for this life. Trina is frantically worried about her dad, while Cameron reunites with Elizabeth and Franco. The teens are pretty shaken up as they got caught in the crossfire of bullets. Port Charles Police Commissioner Jordan Ashford arrives at GH to make sure Curtis is okay. They hug, but then she starts blasting him for not calling her first instead of going into the warehouse with guns blazing.

Jordan also reminds him that he could have been killed. Curtis will likely try to explain to his wife why he chose not to call her first — Taggert told him not to, and it was a life-or-death situation. The two men had to act fast to save Cam and Trina from Cyrus’ henchmen. Taggert was their target, but they really didn’t care if there were any other casualties that got in the way.

General Hospital spoilers tease that there may be more casualties that will be brought in, suggesting that Taggert may not be the only one who is seriously hurt in all of this. Could something else happen on Monday that will cause more injuries or worse?

It sounds like Jordan may soon be in for something bad, thanks to Cyrus. The Inquisitr had detailed a possible attack on her son TJ that would have her completely rattled and scared. As seen this week on General Hospital, the mobster will do whatever it takes, even involving the young people of Port Charles, in order to get his revenge on Taggert and Jordan.

Now that Curtis is involved, Jordan will be worried about how far he will go to protect his loved ones as well. It’s likely that she will end up teaming up with Sonny and Jason to take Cyrus down for good. It sounds like things will be getting worse before they get better for the people of Port Charles.