February 28, 2020
Pauline Tantot Strikes A Sexy Pose In A Thong On Instagram

Pauline Tantot put her curvy booty on show in her newest Instagram update to tantalize her 3.3 million followers. There were two snaps in the series, with the second one showing her striking a particularly sexy pose in a thong.

In this photo, Pauline's body was the main focus as her face was cropped out. The blond hottie was posing on all fours or standing up and leaning over — either way, her toned physique was put on display as she arched her back and emphasized her curves. The model wore a tight top and a small white thong, leaving her abs, bare booty, and hips on display. Behind her was a modern lamp, as well a window covered by tan curtains. The lamp had a bare bulb and the bright light cast a glow on the ceiling.

The other picture in the series featured Pauline lying on her stomach on her bed. She snuggled up to her brown dog and lifted her right foot into the air, revealing her ankle-high socks. She showed off her derrière again and laid on a fuzzy white blanket and pink sheets. A gray rabbit plush was also visible -- this toy has made appearances from time to time on the model's feed.

Pauline wore her hair down in a middle part but her face was completely obscured as her dog looked up toward her. Behind the sensation was a half-white, half-black wall that was decorated with white Christmas lights.

The bombshell's many followers took to the comments section to gush about her new share. Pauline posted a long caption in her native language -- which she doesn't do very often -- and it seemed to prompt many more French speakers than usual to leave messages.

"I don't know what you said but ouí," joked an admirer, referring to the caption.

"That second pic. Damn...," raved a second fan.

"I think I love you, not 100% sure though," wrote a third social media user.

"Ugh, everything you do is hot," declared an admirer.

In addition, Pauline showed off her booty again in another update that she shared two days ago. That time, she wore a lavender floral crop top and a gray thong and posed alongside her twin sister, Mathilde. Pauline held the phone in one hand to snap the selfie and played with her hair with her other hand. Mathilde's face was obscured as she peeked at the phone screen, resting her right knee on the edge of the bathtub.