Anllela Sagra Tugs At Bikini Bottoms In Sultry New Instagram Pic

Anllela Sagra takes a selfie.
Anllela Sagra / Instagram

Anllela Sagra has been posting plenty of eye-catching snaps to her Instagram feed lately and posted a new one today that’s available as a poster. The stunning fitness model tugged at her red bikini bottoms in the photo and exuded flirty vibes.

The hottie posed indoors and stood facing the camera straight-on. She wore a white bikini top that was arguably too small, leaving her underboob on display along with her cleavage. Anllela appeared to be putting her bottoms on or taking them off, but either way, her abs were hard to miss.

The sensation wore her hair down in a heavy part with wavy locks that cascaded down the front of her right shoulder. Her right eye was partially obscured by her hair as she gave a coy look, her lips slightly parted. Her makeup application was hard to discern because the image was taken in low-light conditions, but it looked like she rocked dark liner on her lower lids and pink lipstick. Additionally, the beauty kept the attention on her physique by forgoing accessories.

Anllela stood in front of a half-open French door that led to a dark room. There were a couple of windows that were covered with blinds that were lit up by the sunlight. Also, natural light streamed in from the left side of the frame, lighting up her toned body and emphasizing her muscles.

The stunner tagged several people in the post, including health coach and stylist Cristina Pilo and photographer Mike “Ohrangu” Tang.

The poster is titled “All about YOU” and is available for purchase on Anllela‘s website for $29.99.

The model’s many fans took to the comments section to share their compliments.

“My daily inspiration. So beautiful,” gushed a follower.

“@anllela_sagra you should get a couple tattoos,” suggested a second admirer.

Others were inspired to leave pickup lines.

“Every time I look at you I need a map. It is too easy to get lost in your eyes,” gushed a supporter.

“@anllela_sagra are you from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only 10 I see,” joked a fourth social media user.

The model also showcased her amazing abs on February 11, that time wearing a cut-out swimsuit and posing outside. The photo was taken from a low vantage point as Anllela flaunted her underboob and hips. Her one-piece was mostly blue with leaf and stripe designs. She wore her hair down in a side part and glanced down at the camera with a small pout on her face, posing for an image that was taken on a sunny day with clear skies.