February 28, 2020
'Bachelorette' Star Chad Johnson Reportedly Received Welfare Check Visit From Police After Instagram Post

Former The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise bad boy Chad Johnson was reportedly paid a visit by the authorities after a photo he shared via social media worried a friend of his. This comes just days after an arrest and allegations from his seemingly former girlfriend that he had become abusive during a drunken rage.

According to TMZ, a friend of Chad's called the police and asked them to check in on the Bachelor in Paradise star. The friend had seen a photo that Chad shared via his Instagram stories that showed a rope tied across the top of a door.

The shot, which has since been deleted, also included the caption "it'll be okay."

The friend who saw this worried that Chad was suicidal. It seems that the friend's concerns intensified because the Bachelor in Paradise star apparently stopped answering phone calls around the same time he posted the door-and-rope photo.

This situation developed just days after Annalise Mishler, a social media star who started dating Chad last fall, alleged that he had been drunk and abusive toward her. She shared several videos via her Instagram stories documenting the situation, and Chad has since been arrested for domestic assault.

After the arrest, Chad posted a video on his Instagram page sharing many of the details of the incident he had with Annalise. He acknowledged that he had started drinking again and had fought with his girlfriend. He also said he had taken her phone and thrown it.

However, Chad insisted he had not physically assaulted Annalise. He said he understood why she had been scared, but he felt certain he would ultimately be vindicated when it came to the domestic assault charge.

It appears that Chad has stayed off of Twitter since the incident with Annalise. Other than the deleted story and the video post he shared after his arrest, there has been very little other activity on his Instagram page in the past few days.

As for Annalise, she hasn't said anything more about the situation on Instagram since the initial flurry of activity regarding the Chad incident. Right around the time that TMZ broke the news on this well-being check on Chad, she shared a one-word post of a curse word on Twitter that may or may not have been in reference to these new reports.

Apparently, police officials were able to make contact with Chad at his apartment and talk with him. It seems that they determined that he was not a threat to himself or anyone else, so nothing further was done.

Chad originally appeared on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette. He also appeared on Bachelor in Paradise, eventually getting kicked off by host Chris Harrison in the midst of a drunken tirade.


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