Belgian Fitness Model Savannah Prez Shows Off Muscular Lower Body In Lilac Leggings For New Instagram Post

Savannah Prez snaps a selfie
Savannah Prez / Instagram

Fitness model Savannah Prez gave her fans yet another look at the “gains” she works hard for at the gym. In her latest Instagram post, the Belgian beauty rocked a pair of lilac leggings and paired the fitted workout pants with a black tank top and white sneakers. She wore her gold-streaked brown hair loose, and it cascaded well past her shoulders.

The camera was positioned behind her, a fact that likely drew lots of attention to the curves of her muscular lower body. She looked over her shoulder and sent a bright smile to the viewers.

Her lengthy caption indicated that the post wasn’t just meant to be a showcase of her enviable fit figure. In it, she addressed the concerns some of her followers have about their progress toward their fitness goals. While she said she couldn’t really diagnose any individual’s issues over Instagram, she went on to state that fitness setbacks are normally caused by these “common” errors: nutrition, lack of sleep, and poor prioritization.

The photo has been liked close to 10,000 times, as of this writing, and more than 100 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In the comments section, several fans agreed with Savannah’s caption and chimed in with their own thoughts about fitness mistakes.

“Not always about the work in the gym but the recovery,” one person wrote.

There was one fan who disagreed with Savannah and claimed that genetics, and not hard work, was the most important factor when trying to build areas of the body, like the glutes.

“I’ve known girls who had a body like yours, never been to the gym and lived on vending machines,” they wrote. “Booty is all genetics, squat will only tone what you already have, you cannot build what doesn’t exist.”

Savannah countered their assumption in her reply to the comment.

“Genetics do play a role yes but pls don’t tell me if you have no natural curves you can not build glutes,” she wrote. “I worked so hard to get my physique to this point and I’ve seen many crazy transformations from girls coming from nothing to being able to build strong glutes.”

Savannah previously showed her body transformation with a throwback photo in a post she shared to Instagram earlier this month. She was also open about the hard work she put in to get her figure to its current shape, maintaining that she did so without any fad diets, miracle teas, or other quick fixes.