Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Indicate That Taggert’s Down, But Fans Shouldn’t Count Him Out Yet

Real Andrews poses on the 'General Hospital' set
Real Andrews / Instagram

Fans were left with a major cliffhanger at the end of Friday’s episode of General Hospital, and spoilers indicate that Monday’s show will be a wild one. After an intense battle at the warehouse, Taggert was left gravely injured and several of Cyrus’ men were dead. Taggert begged Curtis to look after his daughter Trina and then faded out, but fans shouldn’t give up on the detective quite yet.

As things erupted at the warehouse, Curtis and Jason both jumped in to ensure that Cameron and Trina could get away safely. Trina tried to go back to help her dad, having seen him get shot as she ran. However, Cameron made sure that she wouldn’t put herself in danger again. Curtis knelt by Taggert’s side as Jason called the authorities.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s episode from SheKnows Soaps reveals that the action will quickly shift to the GH emergency room. The ER will get a rush of several casualties and it will not take long for word to spread of this shootout.

Taggert appeared to perhaps die seconds after he asked Curtis to watch out for Trina in the days ahead. However, the sneak peek for Monday’s show hints that he will pull through.

At some point during the March 2 episode, Trina will be seen at General Hospital sitting by someone’s bedside. She’ll holler out that “he” is waking up, and it seems virtually guaranteed that this will be her father she’s watching.

Technically, Taggert doesn’t appear to be specifically mentioned in any of the available General Hospital spoilers covering the next couple of weeks. The preview for Monday indicates that there will be plenty of talk about him, though.

Apparently, Jason has picked up that there’s some kind of connection between Taggert and Jordan. In addition, Elizabeth will question why Taggert was a target in this conflict. Jordan will confront Curtis over heading to the warehouse and the detective’s involvement will surely be a part of that conversation.

Even if Taggert’s presence isn’t detailed in any of the spoilers for the episodes ahead, the actor portraying the role is apparently still filming new scenes. Real Andrews has been quite open about how thrilled he is to be back with General Hospital and he’s been regularly sharing photos with fellow cast members, noting he’s on the set.

Now that Taggert is back, there is a lot more story to tell about the detective by the looks of things. General Hospital spoilers hint that this mob war is only going to get more intense from here, and it seems likely that additional casualties are on the way.