Mr. T Shoots The Puck, Scores [Video]

mr. t

Mr. T is a man of many talents. He’s an actor, a wrestler, the undisputed king of catchphrases and can throw pity around like nobody’s business. He’s also apparently a good hockey player.

Last night at the Chicago Blackhawks game, Mr. T, or Lawrence Tureaud, participated in the Hawks center ice challenge.

Now, if you’ve ever been to a Blackhawks game you know how shoot the puck works. The crowd cheers as a little kid is brought out to shoot from center ice. Then the crowd boos as an adult male is brought on. Then the crowd goes wild as a pretty woman in high heels walks across the ice.

But last night there was a rare change: Mr. T, an adult male, got the crowd cheering.

Mr. T said: “I’m fired up. I didn’t even practice. Because practice it takes away something from the element. I’m an in the moment type of guy. Because this isn’t that serious. It’s fun but it isn’t that serious.”

Mr. T’s attitude changed slightly when the reporter asked what he expected from the shoot the puck event.

Mr. T said: “Pain. Pain. I pity that puck.”

Here’s the video of Mr. T playing Shoot The Puck at the United Center.