February 28, 2020
Fitness Model Mia Sand Shows Results Of Liposuction Surgery In Before-And-After Photos

Mia Sand took to her Instagram feed on Thursday, February 27, to share the results of her recent liposuction surgery with her 1.4 million followers.

Sand shared a slideshow that included a current snapshot of herself, three weeks after jetting off to Turkey for the procedure. The second photo of the slideshow was a before-and-after collage of her body the day of the surgery and now.

The "before" shot showed the Danish fitness model from the calves to her chin, focusing on the areas that would be affected. Her body featured circles and dotted lines drawn on it, indicating where fat deposits would be removed.

In the caption, Sand explained that she underwent Vaser lipo on her love handles, lower stomach, inner thighs and inner knees. She added that almost 2 liters of fat were removed, most of which came from her love handles. Sand shared that her tummy was minimally touched because the skin on the area had lost too much elasticity, preventing the procedure from being successful.

The "after" shot showed a similar frame of Sand's body today, showing the results of the lipo. Currently, her side body is noticeably thinner, as are her thighs, though the final results won't be visible for another four to five months. She shared that her pain is minimal at this point, adding that the scars are nearly gone as well.

In the snapshot that preceded the before-and-after, Sand was captured outdoors in athleticwear. She rocked a pair of black leggings that hugged her lower body, showcasing her new image. On her upper half, she had on a pink long-sleeved top, whose stretchy fabric clung to her torso, showcasing her ample chest.

Sand stood with one leg strongly on the ground while the other lifted up onto the ball of her foot in a way that accentuated her legs. She tilted her head back as she smiled up at the sky with her eyes closed. The model posed for the shot at Amager Strandpark in Copenhagen, Denmark, as the geotag revealed.

Since going live, the post has attracted more than 46,600 likes and over 570 comments, proving to be popular with her fans and followers. Instagram users took the opportunity to compliment Sand on her figure, while thanking her for being honest and real about her procedure.

"Wow! What results you look amazing!! Glad everything went well," one user chimed in.

"Gorgeous physique and amazing curves!! You can already see the difference!!" another one wrote.

"Thank you for being one of the very few who are honest about surgery ( or procedure). Much respect. You look great!" added a third follower, including a string of clapping and fire emoji at the end of their comment.