February 28, 2020
Bulgarian Fitness Model Yanita Yancheva Shows Off Killer Body In Tiny String Bikini

Yanita Yancheva showed off her chiseled body on Thursday, February 27, when she took to her Instagram page to post a snapshot of herself by the pool.

The Bulgarian fitness model sported a two-piece bathing suit boasting three vertical blocks in light blue, brown, and orange. The bikini top featured a classic triangle style with spaghetti straps that tied behind her neck. Another strap wrapped around her torso, tying in the back. The triangles were small and sat high on her chest, showing off a bit of Yancheva's underboob.

On her lower body, Yancheva wore a pair of matching string bottoms, bottoms featuring spaghetti straps that tied on her sides. The sides sat high on her figure, leaving quite a bit of skin exposed on her strong hips. As the fitness model shared -- via the tag added to the photo -- her swimsuit was produced by Andi Bagus, a brand designed in Bali.

Yancheva sat poolside as she leaned back with her hands on the ground behind her for support. She had one leg stretched forward and the other lightly bent, a pose which showcased her toned thighs. The pose caused her core to engage, highlighting her stomach muscles in addition to showing off her slender waist.

Yancheva wore her blond hair in a middle part, two small French braids appearing on either side at the top of her head. The rest of her hair was styled down in loose strands that fell over her shoulders. Another braid could be seen amid the loose hair, adding a romantic detail to her look. Two loose strands at the front helped frame her face.

Yancheva added a second tag to the photo that revealed she was enjoying some relaxing time at Este Fitness & Spa in Sofia, Bulgaria. In her caption, the fitness bombshell offered up the name of the book she is currently reading, and asked her fans to share what they are reading.

The photo quickly racked up more than 71,600 likes and upwards of 390 comments. Users of the social media app took to the comments section to praise Yancheva's beauty, and also to engage with her caption.

"The beast by Carolyn Walker [frowning cat emoji]... You're the best [thumbs up emoji]... Love you [pink heart emoji]," one user wrote.

"Gorgeous, love the bikini," replied another user, trailing the words with a heart-eyes emoji and a star.

"Wow! You're a goddess! I like you," a third fan raved.