February 28, 2020
Dannie Riel Gets Soapy In Nude Bathtub Pics On Instagram

Dannie Riel has been turning up the heat on her Instagram feed lately with eye-catching snaps, including her newest share which was a four-part photo series. They were all taken in a bathroom, but the model was photographed getting soapy in the bathtub in the first and last pictures of the set.

The hottie kicked things off with a photo of herself sitting upright in the tub with her body covered in bubbles. She placed her left hand on her chest and her right hand by her chin as she closed her eyes and parted her lips seductively. She sat with her legs together in shallow water and managed to censor herself perfectly.

Dannie wore her hair pulled back in a casual bun with loose bangs that framed her face. Even though she was in the water, she maintained her glam factor with an impeccable makeup application. She sported purple eye shadow, long lashes, dark blush, and pink lipstick. The sensation accessorized with her lip piercing and a couple of charm necklaces that brought attention to her cleavage.

The other picture in the series that showed her posing in the tub was the last one, and Dannie exuded sultry vibes with her provocative pose. She was mostly submerged in the water this time and grabbed her chest with her hands. She tilted her head to the right and parted her lips.

In addition, the stunner shared two images of herself in a white robe with the sleeves falling down her shoulders.

Dannie's adoring fans rushed to the comments section to leave their rave reviews with many people responding to her caption.

"All of them are my favorites and I hope you get better," wished an admirer.

"Neither will my heart," wrote a second supporter.

"1 because your [sic] #1 lol and it really is my favorite out of the set," raved a third social media user.

Others had more personal messages.

"I wonder if you used that in-n-out gift card I gave you a few years back when you visited SF at the RielBrand x illest meet and greet," wondered a follower.

Dannie is no stranger to sharing sultry photos on social media, and shared another set from the bathroom on February 14. That time, she wore just a white robe and flaunted cleavage and sideboob. The bombshell wore her hair down in an off-center part with luxurious curls falling down her back. In the first snap, she smiled with her lips closed and faced the mirror straight-on with the photographer capturing the image from behind her shoulder.