Carrie Underwood Shares Her Instant Secret To Killer Legs

Carrie Underwood may put in a whole lot of time and effort to keep her fit and toned body looking so fit and muscular, especially when it comes to her world-famous legs, but it turns out there is also one instant booster credits for getting and keeping her legs looking so amazing.

The star spoke out about some of her very best kept secrets in a new interview with InStyle. In the article, she admitted that, while exercise is, of course, a big part of her routine, fake tan or bronzer with a bit of shimmer in is one of the ways she ensures that her legs are always on point.

"A good self-tanner or body bronzer. I like Ofra Cosmetics RCK Body Glow, a tinted lotion with a bit of shimmer," Carrie shared with the outlet, adding, "If you want your legs to look toned, believe me, a little shimmer goes a long way."

But of course, Carrie's enviable legs also came about thanks to serious hard work.

The star also shared some other ways she got her legs to look as toned as they are now.

"I keep my macro numbers — which is your calories, carbs, and protein intake — in check," she said, adding that she's also a big fan of doing squats with weights and leg presses to ensure her legs stay muscular and healthy.

Carrie Underwood performs during Carrie Underwood With Maddie & Tae And Runway June In Concert at Madison Square Garden
Getty Images | Mike Coppola

The busy mom of two -- who recently got a special request from fellow country stars Florida Georgia Line in a very public plea -- also opened up about how she incorporates exercises into her daily routine.

She explained that she doesn't always get time to hit the gym because of her incredibly busy lifestyle as a mom to 5-year-old Isaiah and 1-year-old Jacob, while keeping up with her singer as one of country music's biggest stars. Carrie is also the owner of the very successful Calia by Carrie Underwood athleisure line.

"I always take the stairs, which firms your legs, and at home, I'll do lunges as I go from one room to the next," the "Drinking Alone" singer shared of her gym-less exercise routine.

Carrie also revealed that she'll turn everyday activities into "a game" for herself to stay moving while she's doing chores at home.

"If I'm picking up my kids' toys off the floor, I'll do a squat each time I lower myself down. These little moves keep up my energy, especially on days when I can't get in a full workout," she said.

Carrie is set to share more of her wisdom regarding how she maintains her fit and healthy body in her upcoming book, titled Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong with the Fit52 Life. She recently shared a sneak peek at the new volume on Instagram.